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Top-selling cars and trucks in the US in April

The Associated Press

U.S. auto sales rose 2.3 percent in April over last year. Here are the top selling cars and trucks for the month, and the percent sales rose or fell over April 2011. Note that Toyota Prius sales include three versions (the Prius V, Prius C and plug-in hybrid Prius) that weren't on sale in April 2011, in addition to the standard Prius.

Vehicle April 2012 sales Percent change from April 2011
Ford F-Series 47,453 4.4 percent
Toyota Camry 36,820 20.9 percent
Honda Accord 35,385 25.6 percent
Chevrolet Silverado 30,749 4.8 percent
Toyota Prius 25,168 101.7 percent
Toyota Corolla 24,804 2.4 percent
Honda Civic 24,423 -8.8 percent
Honda CR-V 23,627 9.0 percent
Chevrolet Malibu 21,906 -11.3 percent
Ford Fusion 21,610 2.0 percent

Source: Autodata Corp.