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Top-selling diesel vehicles in the US in 2012

The Associated Press

U.S. sales of diesel-powered cars and trucks have grown 41 percent in the past five years to almost 409,000 last year. General Motors hopes to catch some of that growth with the new diesel Chevrolet Cruze compact car. Here are the top-selling diesel vehicles in the U.S. from last year:

Brand Model 2012 Sales
Ford F-Series 105,239
Ram Ram Pickup 87,722
Volkswagen Jetta 48,099
Chevrolet Silverado 43,015
Volkswagen Passat 26,469
GMC Sierra 21,792
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van 20,929
BMW X5 10,276
Volkswagen Golf 10,043
Mercedes-Benz GL 6,688

Source: Ward's AutoInfoBank