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Top Shelf Brands Announces Partnership with Vane Protective Gear

Companies Will Work Together to Raise Awareness and Protect Athletes from Head Injuries

LANSING, Mich., May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Top Shelf Brands is pleased to announce their partnership with a leader in athletic protection, Vane Protective Gear. Vane researches and develops innovative technology that is designed to empower athletes to be informed and protected while playing the sports they love. Using their patent-pending Blunt Force Indication Technology in each mouthguard, Vane is now able to detect possible head injuries caused by high-impact blows. With the launch of this partnership, Vane Protective Gear and Top Shelf Brands will work together to educate teams, coaches, and athletes about the revolutionary products they're developing for high-impact sports and recreation.

Vane's mouthguards utilize a built-in G-force indicator that is designed to alert the athlete if they take a hit of over 100 G's of force. When the mouthguard sensors are activated, they will turn red, providing a visual cue to the athlete that they should consider seeking medical attention.

"Vane is addressing issues that are causing players and parents alike much unrest regarding the impact and force of a hit while engaging in athletic events. Until now, there was no measuring stick, nothing to physically look at and say, 'you need to be pulled out and seek medical opinions before re-engaging.' Vane has changed that. In my opinion, that's groundbreaking," said Douglas Mrdeza, President and CEO of Top Shelf Brands.

While utilizing Top Shelf Brands' extensive knowledge of eCommerce, Vane Protective Gear will gain access to a broader consumer base on Amazon. Top Shelf prides themselves on their ability to sell products efficiently and effectively, while remaining detail oriented to help their brand partners excel in the marketplace.

"Vane Protective Gear is thrilled to team up with Top Shelf Brands. Beginning today, we are changing the way sports are played. As a parent and a coach, our job is to protect our future all-stars, and Vane has done that. We are very excited and looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Top Shelf Brands," said Albert Vergilio, CEO of Vane Protective Gear.

Top Shelf Brands is proud to support a product that will change the way athletes, coaches and parents think about athletic protection. 

"Over the past couple of years there has been a tremendous amount of talk regarding participant safety in sports, especially football. The dialogue has mostly been the same in that injury warning signs can easily be missed or are intentionally ignored," said Ryan Mrdeza, Chief Operating Officer at Top Shelf Brands. "That does not have to be the case anymore. Finally, there is a product that can end the debate about a player's ability to stay in the contest, and Top Shelf is thrilled to help facilitate that."


In 2014, Top Shelf was established by founder, Douglas Mrdeza, after having great success in the marketplace selling beauty products. Top Shelf Brands helps companies gain market share across all major online platforms by promoting, advertising and creatively implementing time-proven techniques, along with forward-thinking processes. Brand reputation, being cohesive and consistent from one channel to another, imagery and messaging are all core values. Today, Top Shelf Brands represents over 100 retail brands in all product classifications and employ over 35 professionals to ensure each brand and product gets the attention they deserve.

To learn more visit https://www.topshelf-brands.com/.

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