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The Top Ten Foodpreneurs

Two Comma PR

The Top 10 Foodpreneurs
The Top 10 Foodpreneurs
The Top 10 Foodpreneurs

London, United Kingdom, Dec. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If there’s one thing that we as human beings can’t live without, it’s food and drink. Fortunately for us in the age we live in, there is an abundance of both - with a plethora of options to choose from. The food and beverage industry offers a variety of indulgences- from tasty treats, to delicious drinks and the ever popular healthy meals. The market for foodpreneurs is at an all time high, with new competitors emerging just about every day. Each with their own amazing companies and products, here we share the top 10 foodpreneurs you need to be following.

Luke Thomas (@cheflukethomas)

Chef Luke Thomas has been guided by the principles of connecting food and people since he was young. Forgoing materialistic pursuits, he cooked alongside his grandmother in the kitchen from age 3, learning the culinary arts and honing his own skills in some of the world's most prestigious restaurants for the moment he was ready to launch his first restaurant at age 18, which went on to win an award for Restaurant of the Year in the UK. He’s also published his first cookbook in the same year, and made regular TV appearances in the UK, USA & Asia.

Luke has since developed his entrepreneurial spirit and has been involved in many internationally recognized hospitality brands such as Cafe Habana, Blacks Club and the Fast Fine Restaurant Group. Cafe Habana alone is one of the US' most important crossovers between music and entertainment culture and food, hosting many famous artists and celebrities, and being the centrepiece for music videos by the likes Lenny Kravitz.

One of Chef Luke's tenets for his success is his emphasis on the collaboration between people, cultures, industries and passions. He makes it his life's work to bring people together through food, always searching for rising talent in the hospitality industry to nurture it, and creating forward-thinking events and experiences that blend the creative industries of food, music and art to leave a lasting impression on those lucky enough to partake and share in it.

Luke's main business, Café Habana will see him launch Café Habana Miami in late 2021.

Anna Richey & Alla Ouvarova, Two Chicks - @twochicksproducts

Good friends Anna Richey and Alla Ouvarova are the entrepreneurial duo behind Two Chicks, who introduced the first ready-separated egg whites to the UK market.

In 2006, following an extended visit to the US, Anna was struck by the popularity of egg whites as a fat and cholesterol free, lower-calorie alternative to whole eggs.

Aware that they didn’t have such a product for sale in England, Anna and Alla saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to launch their own branded egg white in cartons. Two Chicks hit the shelves in the summer of 2007, and today, the business has grown to embrace a range of innovative, convenient egg-based products, including a free-range liquid egg white, an organic liquid egg white, an ambient egg white, and a fresh ready-to-use pancake mix, available in leading UK retailers, as well as internationally.

When Anna and Alla were first starting out, they had to struggle against the assumption that two women with just an idea and no experience in business or food could make a success of it. Fortunately, these two women did not take these words to heart, and instead it motivated them to challenge themselves and persevere in what they believed in. Part of their success was down to never taking no for an answer, and they really had to push boundaries in order to break into and innovate within the marketplace.

Introducing an entirely new product category was challenging, as they had a whole educational job on their hands, so they needed to be very creative with their marketing to raise awareness of their product. Their efforts did not fall short as they won several awards and recognitions, including the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award at the Variety Catherine Awards, set up to celebrate inspirational women in business. Born out of a love for healthy, tasty food, Two Chicks is the result of hard work, commitment, and conviction in an idea.

Silvia Mocsari – @honeyheavenuk

Honey Heaven’s story begins in Hungary. It was here that founder Silvia Mocsari was born and raised. With her mother constantly studying natural medicines, it was inevitable this would rub off on her. Although now located in the UK, Silvia continues to follow her mother’s lead in using herbs and spices to prevent and ease ailments wherever possible. It was here, however, that she realised that some natural products were exclusive to her native homeland, and so Honey Heaven was created with the goal of bringing health and pleasure to people's lives with 100% pure and natural Hungarian Honey. “We found that people really enjoy our unique premium organic honey selection, which is why we decided to expand our range with other unique products Honey-Wine, traditional mead and organic CBD products,” Silvia says. After enduring a double-sided hip inflammation with a cist on one side and barely being able to walk for over a year, Silvia found herself in so much pain. She then started the CBD oil the company manufactures in the UK and 2 months later she was completely pain free with all the inflammation gone! I could not believe it. “We have added the CBD line as it helped me massively, so I thought we have to share this fantastic product with the nation,” Silvia exclaims.

Maxim Gelmann (@maximgelmann)

Maxim Gelmann is an entrepreneur and investor with over 11 years of experience in international strategy consulting, investment, and operational and interim management across various industries. He has worked with clients from start-ups to multinational corporations including Volkswagen, Danone, and MasterCard. Having a diverse background and a lot of hands-on experience restructuring companies and solving problems, Maxim had the urge to be part of a global effort to change the way we consume and use products. So, in December 2018, Maxim founded Stroodles Pasta Straws whose mission is to offer uncompromising solutions to everyday consumers and businesses.

Stroodles Pasta Straws (100% biodegradable, 1hr strong, flavourless, edible) is not just another straw company. It is a movement. It aims to inspire people on how fun and easy it is to make small and sustainable changes “one stroodle at a time”. This unique and quirky product, which presents a simple solution to a big problem, gained massive viral coverage last year when it obtained an investment of £215k from crowdfunding. Stroodles was published across different online publications such as Unilad, Bored Panda, Huffington Post, BBC Good Food, Food & Drink, Conde Nast Traveller, The Economist’s 1894 Magazine, and many more.

The environmental problems caused by plastics are out of hand and the Stroodles team strongly believes that making small and easy changes done by millions of people creates a ripple effect that can change the world. On top of their bold mission to inspire people to take action, Maxim and the Stroodles team are fun and always add marketing value to any client they partner with.

Karen Prado & Jacques Groenewald - @Chimi.uk

Karen and Jacques are the husband and wife duo behind ChimiLove.

Jacques (South African) not only fell in love with Karen, but the food from her homeland. After being introduced to the flavours of Colombia, Jacques started to create his own condiment sauces as a personal passion. With their sauces promising to twist the way you cook and enjoy food, some of ChimiLove’s recipes have taken over 10 years to refine. The result is a unique mix of great quality ingredients, 100% natural and plant-based products that add great flavour, spice and a delicious taste that will elevate any dish. “They are extremely versatile as a sauce or a marinade, and possibly the most addictive sauces to come out of South America!” Karen says. ChimiLove is certainly a family affair, with the couple’s 5-year-old daughter, Amber, being very vocal about her love of the brand. “She makes great videos explaining the sauces and how you can cook with them, and she called them Chimi-Stories,” laughs Jacques.

Aiming to encourage people to eat well, and to have fun cooking by adding flavour to their dishes, the brand is also very serious about taking care of our planet, with all ChimiLove products sustainably packaged and produced. “We also donate some of our profit from every jar we sell to #justonetree, to plant trees around the world,” says the family, “We are so happy to be able to share the love of these great PLANT-BASED products with you and hope you enjoy being part of the journey.” ChimLove aims to encourage people to eat well, and to have fun cooking by adding flavour to their dishes, a brand brought to life with love.

Fern McCoy, Mockingbird Spirit - @mockingbird_spirit

Fern McCoy is the founder of Mockingbird Spirit, the first tequila-inspired spirit made with authentic blue weber agave straight from Mexico. After seven months of rigorous tasting, testing, and evolution, Fern was able to launch the product, making it the world’s first alcohol-free tequila. Developed during the first phase of the COVID-19 lockdown this year, Mockingbird Spirit will forever be focused on the wellbeing of its customers as they navigate life amid and beyond the pandemic. Its popularity, since it was launched in August 2020, soared by 175% and was recognized by mindful drinkers, health-conscious people, and those who are going through pregnancy or other health reasons that restrict them to drink. Even those who are in recovery or practicing sobriety are safe to consume the product.

Another distinct ingredient of the Mockingbird Spirit is the ashwagandha, an adaptogen that helps the body manage stress and anxiety. Prominent in the art of Ayurveda, this medicinal herb can diminish cortisol levels and boost energy, leaving the consumer feeling productive and creative after intake. The company really embodied the spirit of the mockingbird, creating a unique product that is both luscious and healthy at the same time.

“We hope it brings a sense of inclusivity to drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Everyone deserves to have all the margaritas without experiencing migraines. Hopefully, Mockingbird Spirit can tick some boxes that until now have been left unticked.” Fern says.

Carly Paige - @fitlivingeats

After spending years struggling with acne and anxiety, Carly Paige signed up for a 30-day green smoothie challenge which completely changed her life. “I noticed how much more energy I had, my skin was clearer than ever and I felt less bloated,” Carly recalls. “After the challenge, I was motivated to continue exploring health through food, and as I began to increase awareness around my plate, I increased awareness in other aspects of my life too,” she says. Carly is now an integrative nutrition health coach and chef, and is on a mission to redefine healthy through her Simply Swapped Method, which increases confidence and energy from within. Carly is firm on her belief that healthy doesn’t have to be hard, and it should always be delicious. As a result, Carly founded FitLiving Eats, an online brand that features healthy recipes and cooking tutorials, as well as FitLiving Eats Winter Park, a local company that serves the community through cooking classes, boutique catering and private chef meal prep services. She is also the author of best-selling cookbook, Simply Swapped Everyday, a lifestyle guide to healthier living with over 75 easy and meal prep-friendly recipes, with its sequel, the Simply Swapped Entertaining cookbook being released in 2021. FitLiving Eats serves to introduce individuals to a new way of looking at foods and flavours through simple ingredient swaps that support a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

Gaz Booth & Tom Walker - @holymolydips

Gaz Booth and Tom Walker are the former Telecoms corporate duo behind Holy Moly Dips. The outcome of an argument between two friends over ‘who makes the best guacamole’, it’s fair to say that Holy Moly had a slightly unconventional start. “We went from 'how hard can it be to produce shop bought guacamole that tastes as good as homemade, to finding ourselves on a Mexican avocado orchard developing recipes” Gaz says. The company has a set of ‘Holy Commandments’ that they refuse to compromise on, resulting in products that are; 100% natural, contain no nasties (additives and preservatives), use only whole ingredients, are vegan and ethically sourced. From a single prototype, the company has sold over 3 million pots, experiencing a 120% growth spurt in the last year alone. Holy Moly have also recently launched their almond milk based 'Nutshakes' and overnight oats in the UK, to huge success. Stocked in Ocado, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco and many more, the Holy Moly duo are unstoppable.

Bernadette Sanders - @insideoutdrinks

Inside Out is a pretox drink that is about to take the world by storm! Bernadette Sanders is the woman behind the brand. After retiring from 25 years in the corporate motor car sales industry, Bernadette decided to use her time to develop Inside out. “I basically created Inside Out in my kitchen,” Bernadette says, “I had suffered for years with hangovers and my job had required a lot of socialising, so I decided to do something about it.” After relentlessly researching how best to cure hangovers, she discovered that the best thing you can do is to prepare your body before consuming alcohol. Inside Out was created using as many all-natural plant and berry based products that Bernadette could get her hands on. After testing out the finished product on herself and friends, word quickly spread, and Bernadette decided to mass-produce her amazing concoction. Consulting with a food scientist to develop the drink for mass production, Inside Out was soon born. Inside Out is not intended to encourage alcohol consumption and unhealthy eating habits, instead this drink will not only prepare your body for when you do consume alcohol, but can also be drunk when you don’t, as it also contains copious amounts of nutrients and antioxidants to boost your liver and general wellbeing.

Dan Greef (@DeliciouslyGuiltFree)

Dan Greef is as relatable as it gets. A former history and politics teacher, he never felt like he was where he was supposed to be. After working in state schools, he decided to try something new with a social enterprise that focused on connecting communities in Africa, Asia, and South America with schools in the UK. Finally, his job made him happy. There’s nothing more inspiring than working with children and amazing communities in places like Kenya.

But when he became a parent, he decided to be a dedicated, stay-at-home dad. However, that didn’t stop him from pursuing success and still help people in the process. Soon enough, he started his own business, Deliciously Guilt Free. One of his core values is social justice and it’s important for him that individuals are well-informed so they can make the right decisions for their life.

That’s what Deliciously Guilt Free is all about. They provide low-carb, sugar-free options to help people fight obesity and live a healthier life while educating them about the dangers of high sugar and insulin levels. It all started with an at-home experiment; Dan and his wife couldn’t find truly sugar-free baked goods, so they decided to try making them on their own. The rest is history! Today, they’re a reliable source of delicious snacks that are nothing but good for your health.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing foodpreneurs. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for taking the time to put this article together.

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