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The Top Ten LinkedIn Coaches to Follow

Two Comma PR

The Top 10 Linkedin Coaches
The Top 10 Linkedin Coaches
The Top 10 Linkedin Coaches

London, United Kingdom, Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Perhaps the most underrated of all social media platforms, LinkedIn is surging its way to the top for entrepreneurs, executives and businesses who are looking to grow online. LinkedIn has the highest user income across all the platforms, so why don’t more people leverage it’s incredible power? Because they probably don’t know where to start - or if it is even viable for their business. Well according to Two Comma PR, regardless of the business you’re in, you can drastically benefit and grow from leveraging LinkedIn with the right strategy. How do you develop a proper strategy? You find yourself a LinkedIn Coach. Each with their own unique coaching style and area of expertise, here we present the top 10 LinkedIn Coaches to Follow.

Dennis Koutoudis (@linkedinexperts)

Dennis Koutoudis is a successful entrepreneur, a certified social media specialist, speaker, and a recognized LinkedIn and social selling strategist. In 2017, he was ranked first by Klout as one of the LinkedIn experts who generated the most engaging content on LinkedIn. He has worked with both executives and professionals from Microsoft, Nike, Pfizer, Bloomberg, Nokia, Siemens, Amazon, Deloitte, and several other Fortune 500 companies worldwide. He’s also been featured in several publications such as Forbes and the Huffington Post. His social media following has grown to well over a million , which led him to be recognized by Agilience as a leading authority in social media.

Dennis founded LinkedSuperPowers and created a team of experts to reach out to more people and help them stand out in their line of work. Through the LinkedIn platform, Dennis and the LinkedSuperPowers team will help you significantly increase your visibility in LinkedIn searches, build your reputation through images, videos, and copy, train you on how to effectively utilize the platform and attract potential clients, prospects and collaborators, and lastly, show you how to increase quality conversions with your target audience. Whether you’re an individual, an entrepreneur, or a company trying to figure out how to get people to engage with you, LinkedSuperPowers will be there to support you from the ground up.

Sam Rathling (@samrathling-linkedinexpert)

Sam Rathling is one of the most sought-after LinkedIn experts in Europe. She founded Linked Inbound Limited, the fastest growing LinkedIn marketing consultancy in the UK, and has helped her clients generate over £95.7m in the last 18 months alone. Together with her amazing team, Sam is on a mission to grow their portfolio, to generate £1billion in sales for their customers by 2025.

Sam has been a leading Social Selling Strategist for over a decade. As Chief Visionary Officer, she is focused on business strategy, to achieve sustainable growth. She has trained thousands of business leaders, sales and marketing professionals and executive leaders on the power of building a sales pipeline and brand awareness through the LinkedIn platform. Through premium outsourced solutions, online courses, bespoke virtual workshops, in-house training and 1:1 coaching, Linked Inbound works with corporate teams providing them with the right skills, tools, and systems to achieve significant results.

Sam is also an international speaker and best-selling author with her book Linked Inbound where she shares eight social selling strategies that actually work. In early 2021, she will be releasing a new enterprise edition that will focus on how to drive sales within enterprise. She also recently launched Pipeline Academy PRO, an on-demand video course uncovering how to unlock LinkedIn and social selling which combines online learning with group mentoring.

Daniel Disney – @danieldisney

Daniel Disney is one of the world’s leading LinkedIn experts, with a total audience of over 700,000 LinkedIn followers and his content reaching millions every single week. Daniel comes from a sales background having worked in sales his entire working life. This separates him from the many marketing focused LinkedIn coaches, as he doesn’t focus on vanity metrics, but on qualified leads and closed sales. “This is what’s helped me achieve more for my businesses and the clients that I work with,” Daniel says.

Founding The Daily Sales, Daniel has worked with high level executives, business owners, CEO’s, authors, and entrepreneurs, as well as sales teams and sales leaders all over the world. His coaching services are focused on real results, sales, higher quality leads and long-term consistent growth. “Most LinkedIn coaches don’t practice what they preach, they don’t have big networks, their content doesn’t get good engagement, and they don’t generate a lot of business,” he states. Daniel is also the author of the number one best-selling book “The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message” and is a highly in demand LinkedIn keynote speaker, trainer and coach. Daniel helps businesses, sales teams and entrepreneurs all over the world build their personal brands, grow their networks, and create awesome content to turn LinkedIn into a lead-generating and sales winning machine.

Edith Moricz - @edithmoriczmba

With a 25-year career as a financial advisor, fundraiser, educator, workforce development leader and private career coach, Edith Moricz was inspired by her own job transition to create Fasttrack2YrDreamJob, to help talented, motivated professionals land their dream job. She recently became President of a Boston based non-profit organization, the Professional Development Collaborative, Inc., providing industry expert led affordable training for life and career success. As a private career coach and mentor to young adults in underserved populations, Edith was named LinkedIn’s #1 Career Coach in 2017. In addition to her work coaching professionals toward landing their dream job, Edith uses her wealth of experience to promote high personal and academic achievement amongst young adults, motivating and inspiring them towards reaching their life goals. “As a career coach, I focus on learning about my clients' talents, passions, vision, values, challenges and their strengths to coach them toward landing their dream job,” Edith says. Within her custom coaching program, Edith outlines each step of what enabled her to land her dream job after her own frustrating job searching experience many years ago. Implementing weekly coaching calls and getting to know her clients’ beliefs and life experiences, she focuses heavily on her clients’ values and incorporates that into their coaching program. “My career at Merrill Lynch, Fidelity Investments, Boston University and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was focused on relationship building, problem solving and consistently affirming skill sets,” Edith says. “My coaching supports that and my clients’ success stories further highlight my collaborative approach,” she affirms.

Adrienne Weimer – @coachadrienneweimer

The thing that really sets Adrienne Weimer apart as a LinkedIn coach is that she doesn’t just teach people how to use LinkedIn, she focuses on how to SELL on it. As an ICF-certified Sales Coach & LinkedIn Strategist, Adrienne has coached hundreds of sales professionals and coaches how to skyrocket their sales using the power of LinkedIn. With her day job being a Sales Consultant for LinkedIn, it’s no wonder Adrienne is able to guarantee results through her insider’s view and years of sales training. Adrienne is set to launch a group program called Influencers of LinkedIn on December 8th. “Most programs and coaches do not go to the level of depth that I do as a professional sales trainer on how to effectively set up a sales process in your business that brings in consistent clients,” Adrienne says. “Influencers of LinkedIn is the only program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to build a raving audience and expand your influence (and sales!) — but it’s taught by me, a LinkedIn insider, who actually knows what works and what doesn’t on LinkedIn,” she says.

Natalia Wiechowski – @nataliawiechowski

At the age of twenty-nine, during the peak of her corporate career, Dr. Natalia Wiechowski found herself deeply unhappy, and decided to quit her job and start all over again. During a nine-month sabbatical, Natalia underwent a complete transformation in the way she thought, spoke and acted. She decided to commit herself to designing a purposeful dream life and founded Think Natalia. “I am obsessed with coaching others who have left the corporate world to do their own thing,” Natalia says. Starting out as a Social Scientist, then turning into a Dr. of Philosophy, a LinkedIn Marketing Unicorn, a Forbes Coaches Council Member, a Top 100 Leader in Education, Bestselling Author and the Middle East's leading Edutainer, Natalia draws upon all of her experiences to deliver authentic coaching programs. “I’ve developed a unique, holistic, organic LinkedIn marketing and lead gen method, a tried and tested blueprint, which has helped thousands of people to grow their business and personal brand to the next level,” she says. Natalia has done what you’re still dreaming of; speaking on international stages, launched a podcast, and written a bestselling book. “I’d love to share the lessons I’ve learned with you and fast-track your success,” she says.

Mathew Warboys – @mathew-warboys

Having suffered a mental and nervous breakdown (due to a combination of work and life factors), Mathew Warboys found himself on a long road to recovery. Despite all of the proceeding mental health challenges that ensued (including anxiety, panic, OCD, and depression), he managed to push through to become the Founder and CEO of The CEO Hub. The CEO Hub serves as a single source for a large portion of the digital marketing and branding needs for their clients. Drawing upon his skills as a writer and extensive knowledge of LinkedIn, Mathew positioned The CEO Hub as the best choice to have edited and promoted the #1 bestseller on Amazon, The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn (by Mariett Ramm).

Mathew now also offers various coaching programmes to help those of the platform’s 700 million users looking to become one of the elite 1% who can generate the top revenue from LinkedIn (by teaching them how to completely master the platform and its algorithms). In his spare time, Mathew also leads a philanthropic campaign, outside of business activities at The CEO Hub, around male mental health and suicide prevention — an important cause that is dear to his heart. Mathew has even managed to notch-up 3 Highly Commended entries for the (so-called) “Junior Nobel Prize” along the way as well; including #1 in Europe in Economics in 2014 (and having attended an Awards Ceremony with the President of Ireland in 2015).

Judi Fox, LinkedIn Business Accelerator (@judiwfox)

Judi Fox’s experience spans 21 years, which includes starting her career as a chemical engineer, getting a Master’s degree, and advancing to upper management working at several Fortune 500 companies. When the economic crisis hit in 2008, Judi was impacted by the corporate layoffs and immediately created an account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn made her realize how networking and a strong community can make all the difference in your career. In the same year, she was able to successfully use LinkedIn to launch her environmental consulting business while creating an impact with hundreds of people through LinkedIn job search coaching and resume consulting.

Judi started creating content in 2009, with several viral pieces gaining traction in 2012 to reach over 7,000 shares and 150,000 views. When she became a single parent in 2014, she decided to focus on only one social media platform and implementing her business sustainability degree while using LinkedIn. The result of focusing on LinkedIn business development and networking for four years was clear when she hit 3 million views within eight months in 2018. Judi was invited to speak at events like VidSummit, Video Marketing World, Housing Wire, Content Marketing Conference, Social Media Week, and shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuck, Pat Flynn, and Chalene Johnson.

This successful proven system was then developed into the LinkedIn Business Accelerator, for C-Suite Executives, Business Owners, VC’s, and Entrepreneurs to increase their visibility and attract high quality business opportunities. Now, she has over 200 clients achieving over one million content views in 90 days, increasing their sales, and getting press features in Forbes, BBC News, and Thrive Global.

This year in the midst of the pandemic and uncertainty in the world, we are all trying to thrive and face the future. Through LinkedIn Business Accelerator Judi has offered many people certainty by implementing her sustainable business strategies, gaining more attention online, and turning those exposures into opportunities to make a massive impact on the world.

Brendy Batenburg (@brendybatenburg)

Brendy Batenburg is a young Dutch-Liberian creative entrepreneur who is perceived to be smiling all the time. Growing up, she always had to work for her own money, and being raised in a family of low income led her to see what’s truly valuable in life – not wealth or status, but loving friends and family who support you in your journey. She learned that happiness comes from gratitude and with a big smile, she wanted to bring in the same energy to her business.

With an insatiable love for stories of people from different cultures, she pursued a life as a digital nomad. Last year, she worked in Singapore, Silicon Valley, and Bali. She believes that remote work is the future and so, she committed herself to a mission to help passionate entrepreneurs worldwide get more reach on LinkedIn and find their favourite clients online.

Brendy founded Shine Online initially to teach young professionals how to use LinkedIn. After three years, they switched its focus to freelance coaches and small businesses as she noticed a high demand for starting entrepreneurs wanting to get more traction online. Now, her company helps entrepreneurs maximize their LinkedIn profiles to reach more people and position themselves as experts in their respective fields. She also has her book coming out next year, called ‘Enthousiaste groet.’ Through online masterclasses, monthly coaching, and online courses, Brendy and the Shine Online team can help you reach the right audience and connect with them effortlessly.

Geni Cor, Brandex & Co. (@geni-cor)

Starting her journey as a broke college student struggling to find her purpose, Geni Cor always had a desire to create something meaningful in her life. Deciding to become a freelance social media manager back in 2016, this was the turning point in Geni’s life. After a couple of business failures, it wasn’t until 2019 where she took the leap of faith – moving to London to chase her dreams. Having invested thousands into her education and revamped her agency multiple times, business really started to boom in 2020 – where her company, Brandex & Co, is about to reach 6 figures in less than 12 months – all thanks to Linkedin.

Brandex & Co was founded with the main purpose of helping businesses grow their yearly turnover without compromising their profits. Starting with a vision of being the go-to advertising agency in the financial space, Brandex & Co has evolved into a LinkedIn Lead Generation outlet, with their team of 4 helping to deliver the best advertising strategies for 7-figure+ financial firms and helping business owners grow their companies from 0 to 6 figures using our strategies and systems. What makes Geni unique as a LinkedIn consultant is her experience – she has truly “been there done that". Everything she teaches has been tested for herself and her clients. “Results are guaranteed as far as they follow all the steps I am giving them” Geni exclaims.

Brandex & Co’s massive growth is primarily due to the brand positioning and storytelling of Geni, as she has been clearly able to articulate the value of her services and help her clients do this as part of their own company vision. Brandex&Co’ mission is to help 7-figure financial firms add an extra of $20M per year on Assets Under Management by leveraging brand positioning and storytelling. She also has her 6 1:1 Linkedin Consulting programe coming up in early February 2021, one not to be missed by those looking to level up. If there’s one thing to learn from Geni, it is to never give up and always take the chance on yourself.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing LinkedIn coaches, as they continue to thrive and help their clients leverage the most underrated platform on the internet. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for taking the time to put this article together.

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