The Top U30 Female Entrepreneurs To Look Out for in 2021

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Top 10 U/30 Female Entrepreneurs
Top 10 U/30 Female Entrepreneurs
Top 10 U/30 Female Entrepreneurs

London, United Kingdom, Feb. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world of business has changed dramatically over the past decade - with less barriers to entry, more and more young people are bursting onto the scene. With more opportunities opening due to technology, we have seen a huge shift in the dynamic of the ‘corporate world’ of years gone by. Today, more young women than are taking the chance on themselves - starting their own amazing businesses, and forging their own path to create their dream life. According to Two Comma PR, the rise of the young female entrepreneurs is only just starting. Each accomplishing incredible things in their own right, here we present the top 10 U/30 female entrepreneurs to look out for in 2021

Gemma Alcock (@gemma_alcock)

Gemma Alcock is an award-winning innovator and respected thought-leader in the use of drones for public safety. Her background in search and rescue and technology along with her love of aerial systems is what drove her to explore how drones could be useful for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Her work set the foundations for the revolutionary UKSAR2G program, which was continued by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Today, Gemma is the founder of SkyBound Rescuer, a company that’s helping shape the future of public safety drones. She’s also focused on assisting emergency services around the world who want to benefit from drone technology to help provide better services and keep people safe. She is incredibly passionate about her work and she travels the world sharing her cutting-edge research as a keynote speaker. It’s her mission to innovate and inspire others and to have a positive impact on public safety, something she has accomplished wonderfully throughout her career.

Gemma is 100% committed to creating a future where drones will be routinely used as a tool to save lives and keep people safe and secure. Her company started as her Bournemouth University dissertation project and it’s now a multi-award winning international company. The drive behind her work comes from a personal experience where she helped save a life as a beach lifeguard for the RNLI. This made her realize she wanted to dedicate her life to advancing lifesaving; the experience shaped her passion and it’s her driving force to this day.

Molly Johnson-Jones (@femalefounderdiary)

Molly Johnson-Jones is the Co-Founder of Flexa Careers, a VC-backed job and employer platform that only works with truly flexible companies. Before Flexa, it was impossible to understand which companies offered regular working from home, flexible hours, or dog friendly offices. Flexa Careers is completely transparent about the ways of working at the companies featured on the platform so that people can make fully-informed decisions about where they want to work.

Molly graduated from Jesus College, Oxford with a first-class degree in Geography. She later trained to be a chef before pursuing a career in Investment Banking. However, this career didn't work for her. The environment was high-stress, she worked long hours, and this led to her autoimmune disease (something she has suffered since she was 18) intensifying. She asked to work from home once a week to accommodate her illness, and was sacked just 10 days later.

She eventually found a job with a forward-thinking company that embraced a culture of regular working from home, but only after years of being scared to ask to work from home occasionally, after her previous experience resulted in her being sacked. This clear gap in the market led her and her partner, Maurice, to build Flexa Careers so that people can find companies that will enable them to thrive. The rest is history!

Louella Alderson (@louellaa)

Louella Alderson is a young, successful tech entrepreneur who has recently appeared on the tech world’s radar with her and her sister’s new dating app, So Syncd. After graduating from Cardiff University with a Bachelors of Economics, she became one of the first employees at Empiric Student Property. There, she helped scale the company from a valuation of £80m to over £1bn. During that time, she also qualified as a chartered surveyor, and has a Masters in Real Estate. Her entrepreneurial spirit has now led her to reach for higher goals with the creation of a fresh and modern take on online dating.

On a night out a couple of years ago, Louella and her sister Jessica were discussing how online dating could be made more meaningful, exciting and successful. Her sister had been studying Myers-Briggs personality types for several years and they soon realized that by uniting their skills and knowledge, they could revolutionize and hugely improve couples chances of meeting “the one”. .

That’s how So Syncd was born, a dating app that’s changing and enhancing the way online dating works by matching people according to their personality types. Essentially, the app harnesses the power of personality tests to help people find love with the app’s unique algorithm. So Syncd pairs couples with the right amount of similarities and differences to “click” and create that spark everyone’s looking for. Already, the app, which is barely a year old, has had hundreds of relationship success stories including a couple who are now married and met on So Syncd soon after it launched.

Katie Fuller (@imkatiefuller)

Katie Fuller founded her first international business at the age of 27. It’s a supply chain software search and selection firm called Tarn International Ltd. The firm is focused on Global Trade Management and Customs Compliance Software technology industry. In 2020, she targeted the markets within the supply chain and she has kept up to date with developing supply chain technology products and Brexit.

She was born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, and she spent most of her childhood in France, in Gaillac, Tarn-et-Garonne near Albi, a place that’s very close to her heart even though she moved back to the UK at the age of 10. It’s for this reason that she decided to name her business Tarn International Ltd.

Her business forecasts rapid growth throughout 2021 and she plans to open her offices to provide a fun and flexible work environment for her employees. Entrepreneurship is a family trait for Katie. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and she understands how important it is to work hard and be passionate to have a successful business. Her goal with this business is to innovate the industry by creating an internationally recognized supply chain technology search firm that’s focused on scaling both leading companies and start-ups.

Lucy Rose Welch (@lucylianarose)

Lucy Rose Welch is a multiple business owner, specialising in Network Marketing. She loved that the industry could give anyone, from any background, a unique opportunity to live an above average lifestyle, simply through sharing products they were passionate about.

Formerly a hotel receptionist, she became disillusioned and demotivated with her role. Lucy was able to successfully hit the position in her company of ‘director’ by age 20 and has been able to travel internationally on 40 occasions through her work. She is extremely passionate about helping people reach and strive to deliver on their dreams. This has naturally progressed to the launch of her newest endeavour; “Females that Rise (FTR)”. The online space focuses on community and support amongst female entrepreneurs.

Lucy wants to unite other females, sharing her journey, experiences and tips that have helped her succeed. This year, Lucy will focus on expansion and impacting more women all around the world – and in 2022, she aims to host a series of Rise Retreats; combining her love for business and travel. Lucy’s rise online will also continue with the impending launch of her podcast, also named Females that Rise which will be available from March 1st.

Lucy Rose Welch is truly paving the way for other millennials to prosper and succeed- and she wants to bring as many with her as possible.

Savannah Jordan (@virtuallysavannah)

Digital Marketing professional, Savannah Jordan is a force to be reckoned with. She launched her business during the 2020 Pandemic, focussing on Female business, life and mindset Coaches who earn 6-figures and want to scale up. Savannah can assist with all elements of growth strategy –specializing in flawlessly telling a brand's story to attract their dream clients and implementing strategies that create rapid growth.

She also offers comprehensive digital marketing packages that include social media strategy, hashtag research, content creation and graphic design. Thanks to Savannah’s time working in Corporate Operations –she has great attention to detail and an analytical mind-set which can help her clients.

Savannah is an ideal point of contact if you’re finding yourself stressed, burnt out and time crunched from managing social media platforms and building an engaged and loyal following. Her Full Digital Marketing package will help you stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and start showing up consistently on your Social Media. She will help you build visibility and an engaged audience that will allow you to sign clients flawlessly and sell out your program launches with ease.

Abigail Frances (@abigailxfrances)

Abigail is a young, accomplished Social Media and Influencer expert; diving into the new and exciting world of influencer coaching. Abigail, a Masters graduate and Part-Time University lecturer - founded Holler influencers, in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. A risk, which has duly paid off.

Instagram has over 1 billion unique users and is the sixth most visited website in the world. Abigail is using her expertise to help aspiring influencers to navigate the complex web of social media. She can assist with beating tricky algorithms, growing a loyal and engaged follower base and monetising their audience.

Her exciting product, “The Ultimate Influencer Society”, will launch next month – a network for influencers to meet and develop their skills. She is also launching her second e-book in April, which will delve into the psychology behind social media. A look into the existing Holler website, points to Abigail’s high quality attention to detail and grasp of presenting things clearly. Her packaged products offer a comprehensive service for prospective clients.

Holler has grown from strength to strength since inception, however – it was the brainchild after her original business idea, a swimwear brand, struggled heavily due the global pandemic. Abigail’s resilience and drive to succeed shall stand her and her clients in good stead, as we head towards happier times this year.

Sabrina Stocker - @sabrinastocker.r

Sabrina Stocker is a rising star in the world of business following her strong performance on BBC One show The Apprentice. She is a disruptive entrepreneur who has adapted her approach to meet the challenges posed by Covid-19. Up until March 2020, Sabrina ran the largest tennis events company in the UK with 42 staff and more than 400 events a year.

Unfortunately, lockdown forced the cancellation of all events for the foreseeable future, so Sabrina drew on all her business instincts to form, a subscription service described as Skyscanner for groceries. The service enables households across Britain to find delivery slots for online supermarket shopping at a time of unprecedented demand. After featuring in regional and national press, received more than 100,000 visitors within 24 hours. And within six weeks of launching, the site had almost half a million users and three million page views.

After seeing the amazing effect media coverage had on that business, Sabrina formed Two Comma PR. It is one of the fastest-growing agencies in the UK and already has over 150 clients from almost every continent. Two Comma PR primarily assists entrepreneurs, CEOs and online coaches build up their digital profile and social media presence and become more widely-known. They are now expanding into the corporate and creative public relations world.

Sabrina said, “The reason we’ve been able to expand so quickly is because of our team. We are like family. When the tennis events company came to a halt, I brought the core members across to Two Comma PR. This meant we had all the structures in place and everyone already had a very strong understanding of roles, responsibilities and skill sets.”

Following numerous speaking engagements at high-profile national business events, Sabrina remains keen to inspire other entrepreneurs by sharing her experiences. Through Two Comma PR, she gives individuals making waves in the business world exciting opportunities to tell their stories.

Mikayla Arrington (@themikaylajai)

Mikayla Jai is a 23-year old mastermind changing the way that millennials look at spirituality. Alongside her studies and podcasting, Mikayla has successfully scaled her business to a staggering £500,000in less than 2 and a half years, an impressive feat for someone so young.

Mikayla’s headline product is the Mindset Magic & Manifestation Method course, which is an intense 4 month programme where students can focus on their mental state and spiritual improvements. Her work focuses on empowerment and removing an individual's inner voice which so often prohibits us from succeeding or going after difficult opportunities. Mikayla’s course and podcast success is evidenced by her placing in the Top 50 Self Improvement category in the US charts.

Mikayla is an independent, strong individual who has lived on her own since the age of 15. It was a trip to Los Angeles, with very minimal money to her name, which really pushed and inspired her. Here, she linked up with a business mentor who really reframed her outlook and desire to succeed. Mikayla wants to help other women, who regularly question their own potential, and aid them to live a better, more successful life. With her strong brand image and social following, Mikayla is one to follow.

Hannah Kathleen Hawkshaw (@hannahkathleenofficial)

Hannah Kathleen Hawkshaw is a brand specialist and founder of the Irish-based brand agency, iGen Creative. She is also an investor, international speaker, singer/songwriter, and influencer.

Hannah Kathleen grew up in Ireland, where her entrepreneurial journey started in her teens. Sadly, at 12 years old, she was diagnosed with ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Her life was turned upside down in a matter of weeks. However, she discovered the world of blogging in 2010 and set up her own fashion blog at just 13. She quickly became one of Ireland's leading, teenage bloggers, collaborating with brands such as and Daniel Wellington. She was also invited to attend London and Berlin fashion weeks, and her blog went on to win Best Fashion Blog at the National Blog Awards of Ireland in 2017.

Her agency, iGen Creative, partners with clients to build a timeless identity and memorable brand experience through brand consulting, visual design, and web development. Hannah Kathleen and her team strive to create, curate, and catapult brands that contribute to building a better world. As well as that, she is the co-organiser of The Stimulus Summit, a virtual conference educating entrepreneurs. She recently added property investors to her entrepreneurial list and now connects international investors with real estate opportunities in North Cyprus.

She may be young, but her work has been recognised extensively, such as the invitation to meet Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island as part of the private membership collective, Forming Impact, uniting thought-leaders who are creating a better world through their work.

The strings to Hannah’s bow do not stop there as she recently launched her debut single, 'Little Miss Sunshine' in 2020. She is incredibly passionate about the idea that we can each “create our own opportunity”, which she strives to encourage across her social media, through her talks, and within her businesses.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing female entrepreneurs. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for taking the time to put this article together.

Disclaimer: The information written in this piece was sought from the individuals, and to the best of Two Comma PR’s knowledge, the representation of these entrepreneurs is true.

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