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Toronto's Lowest Rates Inc. Strives to Help Canadian Consumers Find the Lowest Rates Anywhere, Instantly, with the Launch of LowestRates.ca

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov 28, 2012) - LowestRates.ca provides Canadians with a fast and convenient way to save two of their most valuable assets - time and money. By using www.LowestRates.ca to search for mortgage, insurance, and credit card offers, Canadians can literally save themselves thousands of dollars in just minutes.

LowestRates.ca allows Canadians to compare offers from leading financial institutions all in one place. The website aims to supply consumers with the necessary tools and unbiased information to find the lowest rates anywhere, instantly, in their search for the right personal financial products for their unique needs.

Co-Founder and CEO Justin Thouin says that "LowestRates.ca is all about making the things that Canadians need to buy, easier to buy. We are excited for consumers to discover how they can use our free service to save time and money."

Canadians frequently use comparison websites when shopping for flights, vacations, or automobiles. With tremendous growth and innovation in technology over the last decade, the use of online comparison tools has skyrocketed - with the notable exception of the personal finance industry. When it comes to products like mortgages and car insurance, all too often Canadians spend more of their hard earned money than they should because they do not have the time to compare offers from multiple financial institutions. Each of these products has traditionally required a trip to the bank or a flurry of phone calls and research to get a good deal. 

"The days of simply going to your bank or insurance company and accepting whatever rate they offer are - I''m happy to say - on the way out the door," says Thouin. 

Over time, LowestRates.ca will evolve into an online location where Canadians can compare offers across multiple product categories, not just personal finance. However, the site''s launch focuses on comparing mortgage, insurance, and credit cards offers, as these products make up an extremely large portion of Canadians'' spending and even small interest rate savings can result in a lot more money in consumers'' pockets. 

"On a $200,000 mortgage loan consumers can save $10,000 in interest costs over 5 years by lowering their interest rate by just 1 percent," says Thouin. "We encourage Canadians to visit www.LowestRates.ca and see for themselves how fast and convenient it is to find the right offer to suit their unique needs." 

About Lowest Rates Inc.

Based in Toronto, Canada, and founded in 2012, Lowest Rates Inc., through its website LowestRates.ca, provides a free independent online service that helps consumers compare personal financial products offered by Canada''s leading financial institutions. LowestRates.ca saves Canadians time and money by allowing them to compare offers on mortgages, insurance and credit cards all in one place. LowestRates.ca strives to become Canada''s leader in providing consumers with the necessary tools and unbiased information they need to quickly and conveniently find the right personal financial products for their unique needs.

To compare rates, visit http://www.lowestrates.ca/mortgage for mortgages, http://www.lowestrates.ca/insurance for insurance, and http://www.lowestrates.ca/creditcards for credit card offers.