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Total EV market will approach one trillion dollars in the next ten years

LONDON, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- This facts-based report destroys EV myths, quantifies new vehicle and component markets emerging. Plug-in pure EVs lead to the end game of energy independent electric vehicles, often autonomous, by land water and air. Fuel cells and old hybrids lose to plug-in. Identify winners, losers, where, why and how.

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Here are the objectives of the study:

·         We show how fuel cell and non-plug-in vehicles will be sidelined as we approach peak internal combustion engine, peak car and even peak plug-in pure electric vehicle in the next two decades.

·         We show that if, as is likely, the new 48V mild hybrids forecasted acquire EV modes of operation within ten years, the total EV market will approach one trillion dollars.

·         We spell out how EVs leveraging navigational autonomy and/or energy independence will hugely assist the young, the old and emerging nations in particular.

·         We reveal how attention is turning away from the declining share of cost and function represented by batteries to the increasing share from power electronics adding many new power technologies.

Further key findings of the study:

·         EIVs lead us to totally different key enabling technologies and different winners and losers.

·         The number and value ten year forecasts and twenty year technology roadmaps are the result of intense travel, global interviews, conference attendance and informed calculation by PhD level analysts with appropriate experience.

·         Car sales will peak within 15 years for many reasons that are detailed and we identify peak internal combustion engine too but most Industrial and Commercial vehicles will see no easing of growth rate for reasons given in the report: they will power past 65% of the market - more than double that of cars.

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