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Tour a Nashville Home That Gives a Colorful Punch

Erin Lepperd

Can we get a heck yes for The House Punch? This crazy fun Nashville home is so cool, it has its own name and some serious designer talent at its helm. Masterminded by Kendall Simmons and captured by Catherine Truman, take a tour of this art and color infused pad and if you're looking for your next airbnb pad, she's definitely your girl. As an interior designer, I have the opportunity to work with clients on homes of all shapes, sizes and styles. But selfishly, I must admit that I LOVE escaping into a project of my very own that allows me to flex my creative muscles without necessarily needing outside approval!The House Punch is my most recent personal project. I got to march to the beat of my own drum by mixing my own blend of bright color, bold pattern and one-of-a-kind vintage finds.So, why is it called The House Punch? I'm so glad that you asked! Just like any good bar or house party has a signature cocktail, a house has a signature style. The recipe for this house includes avant garde art, unexpected color and cozy upholstery.Throw in the glow of neon lights, and the ambiance of tunes on the Crosley record player and all of a sudden you've got a party. The House Punch came about because my husband Kane and I travel a lot. It's our passion and our inspiration. When we're on the road, we look for places to stay that are affordable and stylish at the same time. (Enter our love of short-term rentals!)The natural extension of our time on the road was to open our own home to travelers. We hope our Nashville home is an inspiration for design-lovers and weary travelers of all kinds. It’s basically the rental that we want to stay in when we travel!A well-designed place to stay can make or break the overall experience of a trip. It’s not just a place to crash, but a backdrop for all of your memories from that adventure. The House Punch is about color, comfort, and not taking ourselves too seriously. There’s no place like home, even if it’s a temporary one! Drink up!About the Design...My favorite color is all of the colors. There was no fixed color palette for this home. If it caught my eye, I gave it a try. Hence the unpredictable mix! It's always about the mix of high and low. The custom floral screen in the dining room was an investment to have made, but the dining table with it was bought from a friend for a steal.Art is the key to it all. I invested in a custom cherry graffiti mural by local Nashville artist Jeff Bertrand. It was worth every penny, purely because it's unique and it speaks to my sensibilities. It's inspired by cherry graffiti that I discovered on a trip to Lisbon, Portugal earlier this year. The cherries mix beautifully with my thrift store and antique mall finds.Designer Tip: Gallery walls are one of the best ways to personalize a home and represent a perfect blend of your tastes. Each little piece of art that you pick up represents a little piece of the puzzle that represents you! When you're shopping for gallery wall pieces, don't waste time questioning whether or not it's cool. If you were drawn to it, it was for a reason. Go with the knee-jerk reaction. It's usually right!

Photography: Catherine Truman | All Headboards: One Kings Lane | Bar Cart: Target | Blue Sofa Pillows: Salut Home | Cherry Mural: Jeff Bertrand | Custom Dining Room Screen: Coventry Lane Upholstery | Dining Room Art: Carrie Brock | Dining Room Sconces: Noir Furniture | Flamingo Snowglobe: West Elm | Floral Fabric on Screen: Flat Vernacular | Interior Design: Kendall Simmons | Neon Heart Lights: Urban Outfitters | Neon Wild Sign: Neon Mfg | Periwinkle Vintage Swivel Chairs: Brittney Forrister | Pink Check Bedding: Ikea | Pink Sofa Pillows: Salut Home | Powder Room Wallpaper: Clay McLaurin Studio | Rapper's Delight Print: Urban Outfitters | Record Player: Urban Outfitters | Short Term Rental Listing: Airbnb | Sleeper Sofa: Ikea | Teal Lumbar Sofa Pillow: Salut Home | The House Punch: The House Punch | Vintage Brass Coffee Table: Shop Vintage Sparkle | Vintage Brass Trunks: Shop Vintage Sparkle | Vintage Dining Chairs: Gaslamp Antiques | Vintage Floral Lamps: EBTH | Vintage Matchbooks: Brittney Forrister | Walnut TV Cabinet: Ikea