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Tourists can now buy alcohol at registered liquor stores in Dubai


Visitors to Dubai can now obtain a license to buy alcohol from registered retailers following recently introduced measures aimed at making the city more tourist-friendly.

Before getting into full vacation mode in Dubai, visitors should note that the city has strict policies regarding alcohol consumption that apply to both residents and tourists. 

Though it may be best known as a city of superlatives, luxury brands and excess, Dubai draws a straight line when it comes to alcohol consumption. Previously visitors could only buy and consume alcohol at licensed venues like hotels, restaurants and clubs. 

According to Gulf News, the new policy allows tourists to obtain a license and purchase alcohol at one of 17 Mercantile and Marketing International (MMI) liquor stores across the city. 

This only applies to non-Muslim visitors over the age of 21. 

Tourists can either apply in advance online and pick up their license at the store, or apply upon arrival in Dubai at an MMI retailer with their passport. 

There is no fee and license holders can shop right away.