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Toxic pesticides found at most illegal California pot farms

Don Thompson, Associated Press
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    Dr. Bucky
    And the food u buy in the store don't have it.
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    I agree, if that pesticide is being used, law enforcement has a duty to step in to protect the environment. Pesticides can easily end up in drinking water.
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    okay but didn't you regulate that you July 1st so who cares about what you would consider illegal when it's a plant and we should be able to plant any plant we want is specially one that is sustainable as cannabis or hemp plant save it it's been around for thousands of years don't make it something that it already is or isn't back the government
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    all for one-one for all
    Why on earth would anyone use pesticides on pot?
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    If they let people grow it like they grow vegetables in their garden, then everything wouldn't be getting contaminated!
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    Trump will deregulate them soon.
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    So use tax revenue to stop the illegal grows.
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    Toxic pesticides , ARE ON OUR FRUIT, VEGETABLES! I DAIRY...from farmers protecting there products from bugs , insects ect ..ALL ABOUT MONEY !!!
    Guess this XAVIER Didnt get his HANDS IN THE COOKIE JAR !! YET
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    A Real American
    Good, I hope it kills all the drug using trash in America.
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    Good. Pot kills.