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Toyota Supra, Lexus LF-LC Could Share Same Platform

Jeff Perez

We’ve been waiting patiently the arrival of a new Supra. And while the FR-S has temporarily quenched our thirst for Toyota-born sportscars, we still long for something a bit more powerful, more visceral. So far, though, nothing’s officially official.

But there’s hope. As Lexus attempts to shed the beige-ness for which it was previously synonymous, the LF-LC concept could not only come as a successor to the LFA, but according to Automotive News, the platform for a new Supra as well.

Toyota FT-HS Concept

With Toyota sportscar development in full swing, the company has been pondering just how they could make a new and improved Supra work in the ever-changing market. As competition like Mitsubishi plans to travel upscale with the Evo XI- along with the Nissan GT-R and Acura NSX, Toyota and Lexus are expected to do much of the same with the LF-LC and a potentially reanimated Supra.

Foreshadowed by the FT-HS concept (pictured) back in 2007, the new Supra would most likely come loaded with a hybrid powertrain, and rear-wheel drive courtesy of the LF-LC. So far, Toyota hasn’t officially given statement on the new Supra, nor Lexus on a production LF-LC, but expect to hear more news closer to the LA Auto Show in November.

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