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Tozour Energy Systems Uses Cool Tools to Battle Summer Heat


Offices, schools and hospitals trust Tozour to protect their facilities

The dog days of summer mean it’s time for businesses, schools, hospitals and factories to stay cool. Tozour Energy Systems offers flexible and cost-efficient equipment to prevent the heat from affecting daily operations. As the leading commercial HVAC and building automation provider in Philadelphia, Tozour offers portable air conditioning units for rent or purchase to maximize productivity while keeping employees, students and patients cool.

Tozour has a variety of MovinCool units designed to direct one to five tons of cool air where it is needed. The spot-cooling technology has a wide range of applications and is a cost effective way to provide emergency backup, supplemental and permanent cooling. The systems are also useful for emergency moisture removal and are faster than fans or dehumidifiers.

The MovinCool Office Pro, Classic and Classic Plus series are available for a variety of applications.

Businesses and Schools: Cooling heat-sensitive IT equipment in server rooms, telecom closets and office data centers will keep systems online and prevent crippling shutdowns. Units will also help office spaces and classrooms battle extreme heat while making employees and students comfortable.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities: Cooling heat-generating medical equipment, emergency rooms and laboratories will maintain facility operations while providing a healthy environment for patients and staff.

Industrial Facilities and Warehouses: Cooling heavy machinery and equipment protects assembly lines from overheating and can increase productivity while reducing costs. Reducing temperatures in difficult-to-reach areas and spot cooling are additional advantages of using portable units.

“Hot, humid weather and unpredictable storms could potentially knock a business offline,” said Frank Laster, director of Tozour Energy Systems’ HVAC Parts & Supplies. “Offices, schools and hospitals can trust Tozour’s rental and sales team to prevent sensitive equipment from overheating and keep offices and classrooms comfortable.”

MovinCool portable spot air conditioners are easy to install because they’re self-contained units that combine a compressor, condenser and evaporator in a single cabinet. Exhaust ducts can be easily attached to a drop ceiling, and units are easily moved when they need to be relocated. Tozour’s Parts and Supplies locations in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and Pleasantville and Moorestown, New Jersey, have many units available for purchase or rent.


Tozour Energy Systems is a full-service HVAC and building automation provider based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvaniaa, and is a franchise of Trane, a business of Ingersoll Rand. The company provides customers with a diverse range of solutions, including building automation, equipment services, energy conservation services, green building design, controls, parts, supplies and responsible technical support throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Named one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Philadelphia Business Journal, Tozour Energy Systems is a member of the Green Building United. For more information, visit tozourenergy.com.

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