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How This Trader Turned $20K Into $2M In 3 Years

Luke Jacobi

Before founding TickerTags, the analytics company that famously predicted Brexit results in 2016, Chris Camillo traded $20,000 into more than $2,000,0000 — in three years.

Who He Is

Chris is an ordinary person — not a broker, financier or asset manager. He also started his investing career in 2007, just months before the Great Recession. Despite his unconventional background, Camillo generated nearly $10 million of stock market returns from 2007 to 2017 (Camillo will show how he finds these opportunities at the Trading Summit this June).

In the midst of this trading success, Camillo published a book titled "Laughing at Wall Street: How I Beat the Pros at Investing," which describes his first three years of investing. What sets Camillo apart from market “gurus” is that he hired an independent accountant to verify his performance before publicly publishing results on the internet.

Learn from Chris Camillo and other verified traders in person at the Benzinga Global Trading & Investing Summit June 20 in New York City!

How He Trades

Chris identifies “game-changing things in real-life, that are having game-changing impacts on real companies,” which he refers to as information arbitrage over Wall Street. When he spots these opportunities, he invests aggressively and when financial media starts talking about the trend he spotted, he knows it's time to get out.

For example, Chris realized the book series "Hunger Games" was making waves among teens and that Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (NYSE: LGF) was set to turn the books into a movie series. At this time, Lions Gate had never had a blockbuster film of this magnitude.

In the six months after spotting this “material change” Wall Street was missing, shares of Lions Gate more than doubled.

Camillo says because he's patient and waits for these high-conviction, material changes, he invests 20-40 percent of his portfolio into his trades.

Where To See Him

Learn how Chris spots opportunities and executes smart investments on June 20 at Benzinga’s inaugural Global Trading and Investing Summit.

Chris will be joined by more than 20 of the world’s most successful financial minds in an intimate, educational setting demanded by Benzinga readers. Sign up before May 15 to take advantage of "Super Early Bird" tickets.

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