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Trading Forex in 2020 has never been easier

KUTZTOWN, PA / ACCESSWIRE / January 27, 2020 / With a strong vision to succeed and aid others in their pathway to success, Androw Narouz is a 21-year-old born in Alexandria, Egypt. Initially, He was enduring his College course in Pennsylvania whilst also amassing a large student debt. He didn't feel comfortable with the accumulated debt, knowing that as it stands, he would be paying this off for the rest of his life. This, of course, sounded bleak to Androw, who knew there was a lot more to life than switching between minimum wage work simply to survive. After having his eyes opened to the potential to earn trading on the Foreign Exchange market, He was mentally invested.

Early Experience
After learning how to trade and transforming $2,000 into $80,000 (which was enough to comfortably pay off his college tuition fees), he became infatuated with the industry and wanted to provide more for the community. Due to this, he teamed up with a partner to start a company (that won't be named) which sold forex signals for $100 a month. Androw was responsible for providing profitable signals to the community, while his partner dealt with the marketing side. This allowed him to educate on the topic and truly benefit the lives of his customers, all whilst unpaid due to payment issues on behalf of his partner. Unfortunately, this came to an end when he worked for three months with no pay and woke up to notice he had been locked out of the community and blocked from all social media, meanwhile his partner was jetting off to Costa Rica with all of his money, $30,000 to be precise. This left Androw with little but $100 to his name, however, he is not one to dig his head in the Costa Rican sand similar to his ex-partner. This only spurred his on to embark on a journey of his own- create a revolutionary interface that would allow individuals to become independent in trading the financial markets.

A New Beginning
What he realized, and what many people in the industry also realize, is that there is a severe lack of legitimacy. Varying from courses that simply regurgitate free online information, to signal providers who are professional and supportive until they have your money- at which point they feel they no longer need to provide quality educational information. There was a clear gap in the market here- which was recognized by Androw, as he established Forex Blade LLC in 2017. This company was designed from the beginning to employ credibility and trust back into the currently skeptical industry that is forex. Through fifteen-hour days, severe concentration and dedication, Forex Blade LLC has been able to offer a unique product that genuinely benefits all of its members and is now playing a completely different ball game to all competitors.

Artificial Intelligence Takes on Forex
It all began with an expert advisor (EA) that he created which customers connected to their account and simply sat back to reap the profits. The EA would trade 24/5, allowing for no stress weekends that everyone desires deep down. The safest method allowed for returns of 5-20% monthly, which is considerably more than any offer of interest attainable from a bank. This is the recommended setting however for higher gains there are two other modes. After receiving the five-star feedback from his services, He felt inspired, but he also felt like his skills and knowledge base could allow him to provide a lot more for his community. Being a firm believer in "What you give, is what you get", he began two projects which would completely transform his students from novices to elite traders. The first project was an upgraded version of the automated EA. Over a 3-year period, He created an expert advisor which runs using Artificial Intelligence. It was extremely difficult for him to acquire a programmer who had the expertise and elegance to make his vision come true, due to its complexity. As the A.I was making progress on its completion, he began the most important project in his opinion, which is Forex Blade University.

Building an Empire
ForexBlade University was released in late 2019 and boasts an extensive selection of educational videos, quizzes, and PDFs. The course begins with a short introduction before moving on to the beginner level which includes everything you need to know before taking the leap into the Forex Market, followed by a short quiz. After familiarizing yourself with the FX market, you would then be fully equipped to enter the intermediate level, which would educate you all about the most important things you should know when opening an account with a broker, ranging from important considerations which will ensure your money's safety, to exactly how to deposit your money into the account. Throughout each video, Androw portrayed an exceptional way of condensing each segment of information into an easy to understand format. Expert level, where things get really exciting, is no different in its quality and depth, yet also simplicity. This section begins with a rundown on the mentality required to function at an expert level, an exceptionally important component when attempting to achieve consistency in such a volatile market. Following this, all of the necessary and advanced methods of chart work are lectured in a unique fashion.

How To Get Started Trading Forex in 2020?
The course is rife with expert information, to seriously put you ahead of all other retail traders. Examples of this would be the best-selling Forex books and even a comprehensive selection of videos that display just how profitable the given strategy is. Not to mention the "Become a Millionaire" section which is too valuable and exclusive to speak of here. This is where it's at. You will not learn the content of this quality anywhere else, and definitely not for the price which is being asked. As well as all of the aforementioned content, after purchase, you will be added to a private Discord chat channel. This is exclusive and it cannot be glossed over how beneficial this is to growth. Being in an exclusive channel with other people of varying abilities, however all on the same journey really does promote reflection, and ultimately growth. It's going to be extremely interesting watching such a young man absolutely transform the Forex Industry and help all of his students in 2020.

Contact Details
Name: Androw Narouz
Company Name: Forex Blade LLC
Email: Customerservice@forex-blade.com
website: https://www.forex-blade.com/

SOURCE: Forex Blade LLC

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