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Traditional Marketing Ideas Hurt Your Social Brand

Tara Hunt

Originally published by Tara Hunt on LinkedIn: Traditional Marketing Ideas Hurt Your Social Brand

Just this weekend, I was doing some research to find really great case studies of businesses and organizations that are doing content right and, though there are lots of case studies out there, I found myself clicking through to see the results and being terribly disappointed.

Almost every one of these case studies fell prey to the same "great intentions, but dull results" outcomes. The videos were often overproduced - with great detail paid to the production values and multiple shots - but little to no detail paid to the actual interestingness of the content itself. The storylines were forgettable, at best.

It seems that these well-intended tries fell prey to the classic marketing folly of focusing on sh*t that doesn't matter. Instead of spending time on the sh*t that DOES matter (don't worry, I cover it in the video ;) ), they spent all of their time, money and energy on stuff that barely affects the enjoyment of the content.

I spend a lot of time in meetings with traditional marketing folks biting my tongue as much as possible, so making this week's video was more than a bit cathartic. ;)

What other stuff matters and doesn't matter in your opinion?


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