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The traditional Samwon South Korean gift set is now available at Samwon Garden

Finally offered in NYC, cultural staple packaged raw meat sets are the highest form of gift in South Korea, and now you can take home the prestigious patented diamond cut meat of Samwon Garden Korean BBQ.

NEW YORK, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting this week it will be possible for New Yorkers to celebrate traditionally with their relatives and loved ones with the customary Samwon meat sets, a well-known packaging and gift program in South Korea. The gift sets which are given to celebrate a major occasion and wish good luck are available for order at the first and only U.S. Samwon Garden location, in the heart of Manhattan's bustling Koreatown, and already among the largest Korean restaurants in NYC.

Fully prepared and packaged for longer preservation, it will come wrapped up in a beautiful Korean Traditional silk called "Bi-dan". The box sets will be available in 3 different sizes. At the beginning of this program, three different versions of their primary meat will be available. The Original Patented Diamond Cut Samwon Signature Marinaded Short ribs, Bone in Prime Short Ribs, and Boneless Prime Short Ribs, Small order will consist of 6 persons portions ($250) Medium order for 9 persons ($350) and Large order will consist of 12 person portions ($450) a perfect Memorial Day weekend party package.

Developed out of a history of meat being intermittently available reserved for rare occasions, in Korean culture meat is one of the highest forms of gift, best used to show deep gratitude. The giftset is a customary present on occasions such as anniversaries, graduations, and other major achievements.

Of the highest quality, Samwon Garden is famous for their patented diamond-cut technique of placing slices in the meat to better absorbing the marinade after it is grilled. Raw meats of this preparation cannot be found in supermarkets. Thanks to Samwon with this exciting program and more in the works, they are now available to eat in the comfort of your home.

The home of the famous Korean BBQ, Samwon gift sets have become an important tradition that carry an extra special meaning in South Korea. Samwon Garden is proud to make available exclusively at Samwon Garden for the first time in New York.



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