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TransAlta says outage extended at Keephills Unit 1

TransAlta Corporation announced the extension of the outage at its Keephills Unit 1 power plant. With respect to the outage at the Unit, TransAlta continues to work with the original equipment manufacturer to safely return the Unit to service. Testing conducted in preparation for the return of the Unit to service revealed that additional work was required to repair the generator. TransAlta currently expects the Unit to return to service in mid-June, 2013 after the additional work required to repair the generator is completed. On March 26, TransAlta declared force majeure at the Unit when it experienced an unplanned outage due to a winding failure in the generator. In the event of a force majeure, TransAlta is entitled to continue to receive its capacity payments under the Power Purchase Arrangement for the Unit and is protected from having to pay any availability penalties. As a result, TransAlta does not expect the outage to have a material financial impact on the Corporation.