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Transatlantic flight forced to make emergency landing after chemical spillage

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An American Airlines flight had to divert to Dublin: FlightRadar24

A transatlantic flight had to divert to Ireland when crew members were reportedly left unconscious due to spilled cleaning fluid mid-flight.

American Airlines flight 729, which was flying from London Heathrow to Philadelphia, had to make an emergency landing in Dublin due to the smell from a “spilled cleaning solution” in the plane galley.

Several passengers complained of burning eyes and itchy skin, according to Airport Webcams.

Two crew members and one passenger were taken to hospital for evaluation, American Airlines confirmed.

One passenger onboard tweeted about a “sickness outbreak”.

The plane was beginning its journey across the Atlantic when it turned back and landed in Dublin at 1.15pm.

A spokesperson for American Airlines added: “Medical personnel have met the aircraft to evaluate any crew members or passengers who may need additional assistance.”

It’s not the first time that a plane has been forced to divert after a spillage.

Last month, a passenger aircraft on a transatlantic flight with 337 people onboard was forced to divert to Ireland after the pilot spilled coffee on the controls panel.

According to UK investigators the plane, which was flying from Frankfurt, Germany, to the Mexican beach resort of Cancun, had to divert to Shannon airport when the hot drink spilt onto the captain’s audio control panel.