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Transcontinental Inc. reports on voting results associated to the election of directors at its Annual Meeting of Shareholders

MONTREAL, Feb. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Transcontinental Inc. (TSX:TCL.A TCL.B) held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders today. All of the candidates proposed as directors were elected by a majority of the votes cast by the shareholders present or represented by proxy at the meeting as follows:

  For Withhold
  Number % Number   %
H. Peter Brues   309,833,637 99.81% 576,919   0.19%
Jacynthe Côté   310,207,751 99.93% 202,805   0.07%
Yves Leduc   309,916,629 99.84% 493,927   0.16%
Isabelle Marcoux   308,500,935 99.38% 1,909,621   0.62%
Nathalie Marcoux   308,892,054 99.51% 1,518,502   0.49%
Pierre Marcoux   308,857,550 99.50% 1,553,006   0.50%
Rémi Marcoux   308,904,887 99.51% 1,505,669   0.49%
Anna Martini   309,779,581 99.80% 630,975   0.20%
François Olivier   309,398,873 99.67% 1,011,683   0.33%
Mario Plourde   309,912,528 99.84% 498,028   0.16%
Jean Raymond   310,141,307 99.91% 269,249   0.09%
François R. Roy   309,299,797 99.64% 1,110,759   0.36%
Annie Thabet   309,727,199 99.78% 683,357   0.22%

About TC Transcontinental

TC Transcontinental is a leader in flexible packaging in North America, and Canada’s largest printer. The Corporation is also positioned as the leading Canadian French-language educational publishing group. For over 40 years, TC Transcontinental's mission has been to create quality products and services that allow businesses to attract, reach and retain their target customers.

Respect, teamwork, performance and innovation are the strong values held by the Corporation and its employees. TC Transcontinental's commitment to its stakeholders is to pursue its business activities in a responsible manner.

Transcontinental Inc. (TSX:TCL.A TCL.B), known as TC Transcontinental, has over 8,700 employees, the majority of which are based in Canada, the United States and Latin America. TC Transcontinental had revenues of more than C$3.0 billion for the fiscal year ended October 27, 2019. For more information, visit TC Transcontinental's website at www.tc.tc

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