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Transition Networks Debuts Gigabit Unidirectional Media Converters to Help Secure Data in Government and Financial Networks

New Mini Gigabit Ethernet Unidirectional Media Converters Act as Data Diodes to Allow for Secure Data Transmission Between Two Networks with Different Security Classifications

MINNEAPOLIS, March 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Transition Networks, Inc., a leading provider of edge connectivity solutions, today announced its new Mini Gigabit Ethernet Unidirectional Media Converters (M/GE-xSW-SFP-01-xx-UxX Series) that serve as data diodes to improve data security by limiting data flows to one direction on critical network links. These new media converters are ideal for use in secure environments including military, government agency, or financial institution networks.

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As a physical layer solution, unidirectional converters are not susceptible to the cybersecurity attacks that often plague alternative software-based encryption solutions. Unidirectional converters are installed in pairs, with a transmitting converter at one end and a receiving converter at the other end to provide a one-way "simplex" connection between two networks with different security classifications. Depending on how the transmit and receive converters are deployed between a secure and an unsecure network, data flow can be controlled to either prevent secure data from leaving the secure network or prevent unsecure data from entering the secure network.

Transition Networks' Mini Gigabit Ethernet Unidirectional Media Converters provide a 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 port for the copper connection and a 100/1000Mbps small form-factor pluggable (SFP) slot for the fiber link between the secure and the unsecure networks. The media converters will work with any industry-standard Multisource Agreement (MSA)-compliant SFP module. While SFPs support duplex LC connectors, only one strand of fiber is needed to make the unidirectional connection, allowing the use of standard SFPs within the device and freeing up the second strand of fiber for other uses. Transition Networks' Unidirectional Media Converters are available in enterprise grade, hardened, or PoE-powered versions.

The mini media converters measure 1.8" wide by 3.3" deep by 0.85" high, making them easy to install in almost any network equipment closet.

"There is an explosion of data from Internet of Things, Smart City networks, and other sources that can really challenge organizations to keep their networks secure but still provide access to their data," said Curt Carlson, Product Manager for Transition Networks. "Physical-layer unidirectional media converters provide a cost-effective, plug-and-play solution that is not susceptible to the cyber-attacks often associated with software-based encrypted solutions, and they allow institutions to create a channel to transmit this data that doesn't violate the secure nature of the network."

Transition Networks' unidirectional media converters are available now. Learn more about this solution on our website.

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