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transOMIC technologies Unveils transEDIT-dual CRISPR Arrayed Library

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Unlike other CRISPR/Cas9 vector-based systems, the transEDIT-dual vector system expresses two gRNAs from the same lentiviral vector, allowing researchers to target one gene with two different gRNAs for greater efficacy. The vectors are also designed to allow the gRNAs to be shuffled between vectors, enabling one vector to target two different genes with two different gRNAs for a combinatorial knockout.

The transEDIT-dual CRISPR arrayed library was developed in collaboration with Dr. Greg Hannon of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Cancer Research UK and Dr. Simon Knott of Cedars-Sinai, using a new algorithm that creates novel and superior gRNA sequences targeting the human genome.

"Our transEDIT-dual CRISPR arrayed library gives researchers a superior set of tools to rapidly identify key therapeutic targets and understand complex biological pathways," said Blake Simmons, CEO of transOMIC technologies. "We expect the transEDIT-dual CRISPR arrayed library to take our customer's research further, faster."

More information about the transEDIT-dual CRISPR arrayed library can be found at http://www.transomic.com/Products/transEdit/transEDIT-dual-CRISPR/Product-Overview.aspx

About transOMIC: Since 2012, transOMIC has been providing the international scientific community with research products that help unravel genetic complexity and give insight into gene function, ultimately providing biological understanding of disease and possibilities for therapeutics. We have an extensive offering of gene-based products to enable research scientists to perform genome editing, gene knockdown, and gene over-expression studies. Our leading-edge products are developed through ongoing collaborations with academic thought leaders.

Contact: Blake Simmons, 1-256-327-9513, blake@transomic.com

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