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Travel hacks for saving on your spring break hotel

Alyssa Pry
Personal Finance Reporter

Winter is over and spring break trips are fast approaching—finding a hotel room with some added benefits can help elevate your trip and keep you in budget, says Liana Corwin, of Hopper.

“The average hotel can be around $200 a night, so we do spend a lot on hotels but there are ways to get more bang for our buck,” she says.

Corwin has three tips for maximizing your hotel budget for spring break.

1: Know when to go

Corwin says it’s better to book in advance instead of waiting until the last minute for a good deal.

“A lot of hotels want to get people booking in advance and will offer advance pricing to guests who are able to make decisions early,” Corwin says.

She recommends booking 10 to 21 days before you leave to get better savings.

Additionally, aim to go to your destination during the off-season. You’ll be able to get better deals during spring compared to summer for example, Corwin says.

“You might be able to stay in a more luxurious hotel because they're trying to incentivize travelers to come and stay in a period that's not that popular,” she says.

Look for newer properties to save 10-15% on your hotel

2: Ask for deals and extras

Like flights, Corwin says you can track prices on an app like Hopper to see when hotels change their rates. You can also call the hotel directly and ask for their best rates. Corwin says travellers can save 5% to 10% by calling the front desk.

“Sometimes they’ll cut you a deal or offer a special you might not have known existed,” she says.

If they can’t drop the price, Corwin recommends asking for other upgrades or extras they might be able to offer.

“You shouldn't feel shy about calling and asking if they have anything extra—you might be able to get a room upgrade or request a quieter room,” she says.

3: Stay somewhere new

Corwin recommends finding newer properties to book instead of going with more established options. You can save between 10% and 15% on new or recently renovated hotels because they’re trying to get reviews and book guests, Corwin says.

Just research the hotel group or owner and see their other properties to make sure it’s up to your standards.


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