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Travel Insurance Coverage for Those Affected by Strikes in France

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Around 800,000 people protested all over France this week in the largest mass strike in over 20 years. The protest came in response to the government's plan for making major changes to the country's retirement system. According to the French rail operator SNCF, 90% of high-speed trains have been canceled, and at least nine of the 16 metro lines in Paris have been closed. In-country transportation isn't the only thing affected, as French aviation authorities project a fifth of flights at more than six major airports across the country will be canceled.

"Transportation strikes can completely shut down a city and majorly disrupt travel plans," says Terry Boynton, President and Co-Founder of Yonder Travel Insurance, a US-based travel insurance comparison site. "We're seeing an increasing trend in strikes that cause partial or complete disruption of air travel, especially in popular tourist destinations in Europe."

Here are a few examples of how travel insurance coverage can help save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars when an unexpected strike disrupts your travel plans.

Purchase Travel Insurance Early
A strike, or pending strike, must be considered "unforeseen" and occur after you've purchased travel insurance; otherwise, benefits related to the event may no longer be available. It's recommended that you purchase travel insurance as soon as large, nonrefundable payments have been made toward your trip.

Trip Cancellation
If an unannounced strike affects your departure flight for a certain timeframe (usually 12-24 hours), you may be able to cancel your trip for monetary reimbursement. You could get your money back for prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses, if they're insured under your policy.

Trip Interruption
If your return flight gets canceled or delayed due to the strike, trip interruption coverage may cover the cost of the replacement airfare, depending on your policy limits.

Travel Delay
Should your trip suddenly extend due to a flight cancellation or delay, travel delay coverage can reimburse you for unexpected expenses such as extra meals, hotel stays or local transportation costs.

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Terry Boynton, Co-Founder & President


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