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Travel Savvy Tv Launches Artificial Intelligence Technology Across Video Network

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Travel Savvy Tv, a publisher of engaging video content wholly owned by 495 Communications, is pleased to announce a partnership with the developers of a cloud-based artificial intelligence algorithm, EyeSee Solutions, to seamlessly engage viewers with in-content native advertising.  Videos and digital content on Travel Savvy Tv now feature an EyeSee Solutions widget, unobstructedly and automatically, in areas that are completely acceptable to the viewer, resulting in an optimized viewer experience.

"By engaging the viewer precisely when his or her attention is directed at our content, we can be sure that we're also closing the loop for our clients," explains Craig Pavia, Executive Producer of Travel Savvy Tv. "We can provide a direct call-to-action in the most efficient manner with the use of a classic watermark. It's a solid way to also add a touch of service journalism."

The use of AI technology to serve customizable advertising has been in the rise in all digital formats because of the need to increasingly customize the user experience.  "Brands want to be where consumers' eyes see--so our patented technology helps brands reach that goal without any strange ad units, animations, pop-ups etc.," says João Redol, CEO of EyeSee.

Travel Savvy is a travel media company that is wholly owned by 495 Communications. Travel Savvy was originally a newsstand-based magazine that was transitioned to a tablet-based platform in 2010. Since 2014, the brand has also added video production to the distribution channels, and currently delivers millions of views daily across multiple platforms. Watch Travel Savvy Tv online at www.travelsavvy.tv, or on your Roku or Apple TV devices.

EyeSee Solutions was founded by João Redol, Rui Luís and Mauro Lemos, and specializes in digital video and image advertising, monetizing content and presenting innovative and patented solutions. Based in Lisbon, the company currently has offices in New York and San Francisco.

495 Communications is dedicated to providing the best digital video advertising products on the market. From programmatic network offerings to videos and pre-roll creative production, 495 Communications services today's ever expanding video marketplace. 495 Communications has offices in New York, Santa Monica, and San Francisco. Visit www.495communications.com for more information.

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