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Travis Scott unveils Netflix documentary during Houston pop-up event

Netflix releases a documentary about the life and work of Travis Scott on August 23.

Rapper Travis Scott introduced his new Netflix documentary to his fans at a launch event at a retail space in his home town of Houston on August 22.

Scott shared an Instagram post with his 18.5 million Instagram followers showing himself clutching a number of VHS tapes, with the caption "GOT SOMETHING U MIGHT WANNA SEE IT."

The long line leading to the address provided in the post shows that the strategy was a sound one, as reported by Variety.

The documentary, titled "Look Mom I Can Fly," was introduced to Houstonians who made it to 11200 Northwest Freeway on the same day.

During the event, Scott announced the release of the documentary along with a preview of the trailer. While some fans headed inside to watch the short film, others stayed outside with their idol.

Scott's much-hyped album, "Astroworld," has been available for over a year now. This summer, he was also featured on Young Thug's hit single "The London," alongside Joe Cole.

The documentary "Look Mom I Can Fly" will be available for streaming on Netflix from Friday, August 23.