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Tree Nanny 2.0 Kickstarter Launched: Popular Christmas Tree Watering System Back Just in Time for Holiday Season

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- LandMarc Products recently created a Kickstarter to help galvanize production of its Tree Nanny 2.0. The Tree Nanny 2.0 is a water monitoring device for live Christmas trees that plays a Christmas jingle, or a personalized message whenever the tree's water levels drop too low and require refilling.

The Kickstarter is ending September 23, 2018, and is available at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1425658814/tree-nanny-20-a-fun-christmas-tree-watering-system?ref=user_menu.

The Tree Nanny 2.0 system comes with:

  • An ornamental funnel and tube
  • A strap
  • The sensor pack

The Tree Nanny 2.0 is easy to install: simply place the tube and funnel in the tree to a height that is convenient for you to water the tree. Then attach the sensor pack to trunk. The recording system is included within the sensor pack, and the strap ensures that the brass sensors remain in the watering stand.

The Tree Nanny's 2.0 sensor pack has an easy-to-read LED light system that indicates battery life, and also comes with a light sensor and the voice recording functions. The sensor pack constantly monitors the water levels of the tree, playing a jingle or a prerecorded message whenever water levels require refilling. Pouring water into the funnel is all that is required to water the tree whenever the alarm sounds, and the Tree Nanny chimes as soon as water levels have reached safe levels again.

The Tree Nanny 2.0 is a completely updated system designed to build upon the success of the first version. The improved Tree Nanny experience includes:

  • Custom Messages: Gather the family to sing a quick Christmas carol or simply say "Hey! It's time to water me!" The personalized message can be changed as often as desired for holiday fun.
  • Upgraded speaker: Improved sound quality means a clearer sound, but is also designed with a light sensor to shut off as soon as the Christmas lights are dimmed, assuring not to wake you.
  • Easy-to-use strap: The recording device and speaker system hooks to the tree with ease, is securely attached and leaves plenty of room for ornaments and decorations.
  • Sensor probes: The solid brass probes are of the highest quality, always detecting water levels with proven accuracy.
  • Overall battery improvements: The batteries are designed to last for more than just one holiday season, and a new LED warning light flashes when batteries are running low.

Overly dry trees can present a host of problems that include constant messy shedding of needles as well as fire dangers from limbs that become increasingly dry. Inventor Marc Rasschaert believes that watering a Christmas tree should be just as fun as the rest of the holiday season. Now it is possible to keep live Christmas trees from drying out while also eliminating the hassle of having to crawl under a tree each time it needs to be watered.

"We are the original producers of the Tree Nanny watering system — and we are so excited and determined to get the Tree Nanny 2.0 out there for everyone to enjoy! We originally sold tens of thousands of Tree Nanny units, so I know people are going to love the 2.0. I wanted to make it personalized and more fun, and I figured out a way to do so. I just know families are going to love this new customizable message function," said Marc Rasschaert.

About LandMarc Products

LandMarc Products is a family owned Pennsylvania company which is proud to have battled through recent personal adversity and won. Producers of the original Tree Nanny watering system, LandMarc has redesigned Tree Nanny 2.0 with all-new features designed to augment the joy and fun of the Christmas season. 


Marc Rasschaert, Inventor & President
Phone: 412.334.1220


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