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Trevor Noah Reveals Genius Idea For Elizabeth Warren's 'Medicare-For-All'

Now that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has revealed that taxing the ultra-wealthy and big business would pay for her “Medicare-for-All” plan, Trevor Noah suggested that the presidential contender flatter the billionaires footing the bill.

“What Warren should do is try and sweeten the deal and let the super-rich get naming rights over the health care they help pay for,” the host said on “The Daily Show” Thursday. “So then, instead of getting a heart transplant at the hospital, someone will get Jeff Bezos Presents a Heart for Bob Sullivan.”

While Warren’s plan is intended to avoid new taxes on the middle class, other Democratic candidates weren’t on board. Noah used former White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s stint on “Dancing With The Stars” to make the point:

“Her Democratic rivals responded the way Sean Spicer does to a beat: They were hearing none of it.”

Watch the segment above.


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