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Stunned Trevor Noah Slams 'No Excuse' Cops For Pulling Guns On Phoenix Family

Trevor Noah’s heart wasn’t into pulling many laughs from the horrifying bystander video of a Phoenix cop threatening to shoot a young mother “in your fucking head“ after her 4-year-old daughter walked out of a store with a doll.

“What happened to protect and serve?” Noah asked on “The Daily Show” Monday after showing the clip. “I’m sorry, everything about that video is wrong. ... There’s no excuse for this, like, there’s no excuse.”

Police didn’t need to “show up like a SWAT team to rescue a Barbie [doll] from a little girl,” he added, then quipped: “If anything you should be rescuing the little girl from the Barbie.” He quotes the imaginary cops in that scenario: ”Little girl, watch out, that Barbie can give you a warped sense of what a woman’s body is supposed to be!”

But then he got serious again. “If we didn’t have these videos those cops would have been able to paint a very different picture of how this all went down,” he said.

“What’s most troubling about this is that it makes you wonder how many people have been arrested and put in jail because everyone assumes the police version of events is always the truth.”

Check it out in the video above.

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