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Get Triple Cash Back This Week at Ebates

Karla Bowsher

Attention, shoppers: Triple Cash Back Week is underway at Ebates.com.

In other words, the website is offering you three times as much money as it usually does — as much as 24 percent — on purchases you make from certain retailers.

As of Wednesday, more than two dozen retailers are participating in this promotion. They include:

  • Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories : 12 percent cash back
  • eBags : 18 percent
  • Finish Line : 9 percent
  • Hanes : 9 percent
  • IT Cosmetics : 10.5 percent
  • JCPenney : 9 percent
  • Kiehl’s : 12 percent
  • Kohl’s : 9 percent
  • Lane Bryant : 7.5 percent
  • LivingSocial : 9 percent
  • Nike : 12 percent
  • Petsmart : 12 percent
  • Spring : 24 percent
  • Teavana : 9 percent
  • Toms Shoes : 12 percent

The offer extends through at least March 6.

Ebates is a cash-back portal. So by doing your online shopping through its website, you’ll earn cash back — during this promotion and in the future — on purchases from any of more than 2,000 retailers that partner with Ebates.

I pocketed about $100 in cash back last year.

How is that possible? It’s simple. Ebates receives a commission from retailers for referring online shoppers to those retailers’ websites. Then, Ebates shares that commission with shoppers.

It’s free to sign up for an Ebates account, and it’s free to use the portal.

Ebates is among the oldest and best known cash-back portals, but it’s not the only one. Others include MrRebates.com, Swagbucks.com and TopCashBack.com.

Even if you already have an Ebates account, you might want to check out other cash-back portals because different portals often offer different cash-back percentages for a given retailer.

Check out “4 Websites That Pay You to Go Shopping” to learn more about cash-back portals in general and how the different ones compare.

Do you use cash-back portals? Let us know which ones by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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