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Troicom, Inc. Introduces the Drop, A Personal Long-Range Radio System for Location Tracking and Out-Of-Network Voice and Data Communications

TUSTIN, Calif., Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Leveraging the extended link capability of Long-Range radio technology, LoRa, the Drop provides effective personal means of wireless communications without the carrier infrastructure.  Users now have the freedom to create their own network anywhere from the palm of their hand, without the restrictions of network towers or fees.  

The Drop users can wirelessly connect to each other, and track their loved ones and valuables wherever they go. The Drop's link range significantly exceeds those of Bluetooth and WiFi-based tracking systems, which are typically limited to 35 feet and 300 feet, respectively.  The Drop's link-range optimized protocol can provide wireless communication ranges from nearly a mile in heavily urban areas to 10 miles in open areas.  The range can be further enhanced with relays of data thru other Drop users, forming a virtual network infrastructure.

"The entire mobile industry is based on centralized systems," says Andrew Baek, CEO and founder of Troicom, Inc., the company that developed and manufactures the Drop.  "But there are situations where a centralized system does not exist or is just not efficient.  With the Drop, you can create your own network and form a virtual infrastructure with other users anywhere you go."

The Drop package consists of two elements: the Drop Base and the Drop Tag.  The Drop Base is essentially a personal LoRa base station.  It can not only talk to other Drop Bases and Tags but also interface with the attached smartphone to extend its functionality via Bluetooth, thereby fully utilizing the smartphone's sensors and GPS features.  The waterproof Drop Tag contains a GPS receiver, 6-axis motion sensor, and rechargeable battery with wireless charging receiver as well as the LoRa radio.  Its small form factor allows it to be attached to almost anything that can be tracked.  In the low power mode, with the GPS receiver turned off, a fully charged Drop Tag can last over weeks on its battery.  As the Base and the Tag use wireless charging to recharge the battery, the Drop packages come with a wireless charger that can wirelessly fuel both the Base and the Tag. 

The Drop will be available for preorder at special Indiegogo pricing for a limited time during its launch campaign, https://igg.me/at/getdrop.  Smartphone users have the opportunity to enjoy substantial savings on an innovative new way of expanding their wireless communications.  The Drop Base is available for the Moto Z, iPhone 6/6S/7, and Android smartphones. 

About Troicom, Inc.:


Troicom, Inc., based in Tustin CA, has provided a full range of advanced custom electronic solutions to a number of the leading research institutions and top-tier technology companies.

For more information on Drop, visit http://getdrop.co/

Media Contact: Andrew Baek, Troicom, Inc., 7146589178, abaek@troicom.com

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