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Tron's Justin Sun Gives Official Statement on Police Incident

P. H. Madore
Since the original incident, with some space to reflect, Tron CEO Justin Sun decided to deliver a more healing message through a spokesperson. | Source: Youtube/TRON Foundation

Justin Sun and Tron had some strange news out this week regarding their potential entanglement with the Beijing police. However, on further review, it looks like the police are protecting the Tron building.

Fake News or Fake Investment Scheme?

Those who feel bereft by a scam run on the Tron blockchain ("Wave Field") may get some solace in the fact that Justin Sun is thinking a lot of you. His initial response didn’t bring good cheer:

The cryptosphere got it wrong this time, though. There’s no reason to believe that Tron is in any trouble.

Comedy crypto Twitter wasn’t far behind:

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