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Tron Transcends into the Global Forex Market with Shift Markets

Last week it was announced that the TRON team is preparing to bring TRX trading into traditional currency markets, by partnering with Shift Markets. 

It has been yet another busy and successful week for Tron, one of the most captivating cryptocurrencies in recent months. Last week it was announced that the TRON team is preparing to bring TRX trading into traditional currency markets, by partnering with Shift Markets. This piece of welcome news further increases Tron’s reputation in the crypto trading community, the full extent of which can be understood in the weeks to come.

Shift Markets Partners with TRON

Sentiments have mostly remained positive throughout the year, as TRON has been busy forming partnerships trying to extend its reach in the most meaningful manner possible. In a market which is still dominated by the likes of Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, Tron is one of the youngest cryptocurrencies to make its mark in the Cryptocurrency market.

Last week, it was announced that TRON signed a partnership With Shift Markets. Shift Markets specializes in assistance to launch new FX brokers as well as Cryptocurrency exchanges. They are already a well-established entity in the forex world, having widespread experience and connections among its staff. Even though some crypto-enthusiasts appear skeptical of Shift Markets’ association with Tron, it is indeed a huge breakthrough from Tron’s point of view.

What this partnership means

Cryptocurrency traders, enthusiasts, industry professionals and analysts are divided at the moment about what value this partnership will actually add to TRON. However, according to many, TRON will be able to bridge the long-existing gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance and bring it to the world stage.

The success and legitimacy of the partnership would equivocally result in the rise of TRON’s liquidity dramatically. This, of course, will be welcome news to the global Cryptocurrency market which is still reeling from the after-effects of a slump in trading volume. TRON founder Justin Sun is excited about the venture, stating:

“TRON’s partnership with Shift Markets marks a major expansion in the availability of TRX and fiat trading. We are proud to play a prominent role in joining crypto-currency and FX markets across the globe.”

Since Shift Markets is a regulated exchange, major short-term developments and gains are on the horizon for TRON. This is because of regulated trading, with other organizations like JM Financial joining in. Shift Markets CEO Ian McAfee said:

“We are excited to bridge the gap between the FX and crypto markets with a popular and exciting project like TRON, the demand from FX have been enormous, and we anticipate more and more crossover between the two markets.”

Shift Markets has an impressive working profile at the moment, with past clients including middle market entities, start-ups as well as a host of established FX, CFD and crypto brokerages. Massive spikes in TRON’s price were seen immediately after the announcement, with TRON’s price gaining nearly 3% in the day that followed.  At the moment, Tron is priced at $0.047386 at the time of writing.

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Final Thoughts

Things are definitely looking positive for TRON, with the Shift Markets venture being just one of the many activities TRON has been involved with. Recently it was also announced that Max/Maicoin, one of the largest trading platforms in Taiwan as well as Indonesia based INDODAX, both listed Tron on their exchanges. With several such intriguing developments throughout the year, TRON has certainly turned into a coin worth investing in the long run. In a year, where Cryptocurrency values have suffered massive slumps, the development of Tron’s partnership with Shift Markets will result in positive growth for Tron and the TRX community.

This article was written by Global Coin Report.

This article was originally posted on FX Empire