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More trouble at Sears, lawmakers concerned with Google, pre-orders open at Apple

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

More trouble at Sears. The retailer reported sales slid 26% last quarter and revenues plunged by more than a billion dollars. The CEO, Eddie Lambert, says they will continue to close unprofitable stores, and are hoping for stability in the near future.

Could Amazon have its eyes on a German supermarket chain? Reuters says there’s growing speculation that Amazon could be looking to buy Real hypermarket stores from German retailer Metro. The price-tag could top $1B. Key competitor Walmart gave up on the German market back in 2006, when it took a $1B loss on its stores there.

New questions today for Google over its plans in China. A bipartisan group of House members have sent a letter to the tech giant expressing, “serious concerns.” They want to know if Google plans to comply with Chinese censorship and surveillance rules. Google has said it’s exploring a return to China, but any decision is not yet close.

Today’s the day, Apple fans. Pre-orders are now open for the newest iPhone models. However, good luck getting your hands on the Xs or Xs Max. Many have already sold out, with pre-orders promising delivery well into October. The new phones officially launch next Friday.