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True Crime Blockbuster Series FATAL VOYAGE Returns With FATAL VOYAGE: DIANA CASE SOLVED

-- New Podcast Series Discovers a New Witness who has Remained Silent for 22 Years and Renews Calls for an Inquest into the Death of the People's Princess to be Reopened--

NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Broad + Water Studios and Endeavor Audio today debuted the return of one of last year's most-downloaded true crime podcasts, FATAL VOYAGE. FATAL VOYAGE: DIANA CASE SOLVED is the blockbuster debut of the latest installment in the true crime series and brings to an end a mystery that has long baffled the world. The 12-part series smashes wide open a determined conspiracy of silence and renews calls for an inquest into the death of the People's Princess to be reopened.

Episode one, "Death of a Fairytale" is available now and introduces listeners to former homicide detective Colin McLaren as he returns to the scene of one of the biggest mysteries of the 20th Century. Every aspect of this brand new investigation is laid bare as the series meticulously untangles the strange circumstances and conflicting theories surrounding the untimely death of Princess Diana—from the wildest conspiracies concerning a shady pact between senior royals, security services and, global arms dealers, to the official line that her chauffeur was a drunk who was irresponsibly speeding.

FATAL VOYAGE: DIANA CASE SOLVED takes the form of a real-time investigation on the streets of Paris where Diana met her fate. Colin and his team will unpack the circumstances and conflicting theories surrounding her death – from the wildest conspiracies concerning a shadowy pact between senior Royals, the security services and global arms dealers, to the official line that chauffeur Henri Paul was drunk and speeding. They will interview those who witnessed the crash… and unearth the one man who knows for sure what happened – and who, for 22 years, has been ordered to remain silent.

The unflinching 12-part series, features a global team of investigators – handpicked, high-profile and utterly meticulous – including retired crime scene detectives, forensic pathologists and royal insiders – who dissect evidence, alibis and motives, track down new witnesses, hear Diana's own voice on secret, supposedly long-lost recordings, and interview key players to arrive at some startling new conclusions into the tragic end of the woman they called "the People's Princess".

FATAL VOYAGE: DIANA CASE SOLVED is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and all podcast listening apps. The series is produced by Broad + Water Studios for Endeavor Audio and Executive Produced by Dylan Howard and Co-Executive Produced by Tom Freestone, James Robertson, and Andy Tillet.

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Endeavor Audio is an audio-first studio and podcast network with a mission to make podcasting part of people's everyday lives. As a division of Endeavor, Endeavor Audio has unparalleled access to the world's most innovative creators, enabling us to develop unique listening experiences across a wide range of interests and demographics. Endeavor Audio is a full-service operation, offering content development, financing, production, distribution, marketing, and monetization.

About Broad + Water Studios LLC
Broad + Water Studios, a subsidiary of American Media, LLC, produces documentary feature video and audio for distribution across multiple platforms. Dylan Howard, senior vice president oversees the strategy for Broad + Water Studios; Rob Dixter, vice president, and Tom Freestone, head of production, work day-to-day overseeing projects. Recent acclaimed Broad + Water Productions include Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood; Robin Williams: When The Laughter Stops; Luke Perry: In His Own Words; ID Murder Mystery; Us Weekly's in My Kitchen; National Enquirer Investigates; Kitty Kelly Files; Bill Cosby: An American Scandal; and Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason?.



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