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Trump Allegedly Said White House Female Employee Was As Experienced 'As A Cup Of Coffee'

Katie O'Malley
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Remember all those times we compared Donald Trump to a walking Wotsit during last year's presidential election as a result of his totally and completely natural tan?

Well, it appears the 45th President has taken a leaf out of our book (though, we have many leaves we'd rather he'd felt inspired by) and allegedly compared one of his employees to a food and beverage item.

Oh, goodie.

Trump's former campaign aides David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski have just released a new campaign memoir titled Let Trump Be Trump in which they reveal the President once equated his then-27-year-old press secretary Hope Hicks's expertise to a cup of coffee.

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The conversation reportedly took place the day after Trump won the election, when Lewandowski was at a hotel in New York City with the politician, reports Business Insider.

'When we started this thing, it was you and me, and an airplane,' Trump told Lewandowski, according to the book. 'That's all we had.'

'And we had Hope,' Lewandowski reportedly responded.

'She had about as much experience as a coffee cup,' Trump replied, according to the book.

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Now, I don't know about you but I haven't come across many coffees in my time with a knowledge of foreign and domestic politics. So, we have a feeling Trump might have been making a dig about Hicks' incompetence for her role.

But, that's not all.

Lewandowski reportedly replied to Trump's 'quip' about Hicks with 'but she's good looking', to which the now-President reportedly replied 'that always helps'.

Yes, because good looks make a difference when you want to win a political election, Trump...

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Hicks now works as the White House communications director and is - apart from Trump's family members - his longest-serving campaign and presidential aide.

Lewandowski, who was later fired from the campaign, described the form PR consultant for Ivanka Trump as 'smart and private, with a nearly photographic memory'.

Elsewhere in the book, the writers claim Trump launched a presidential campaign with a staff 'that mostly didn't know the difference between a caucus and a cactus'.

It's good to know the future of the US is in safe hands, then.

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