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Trump's Notes for Listening Session With Shooting Survivors Remind Him to Say 'I Hear You'

Inside Edition Staff
The president took a crib sheet to the chat with kids and parents at the White House.

The White House invited some teens to chat with Donald Trump about gun violence in schools and the president's crib notes for the ''listening session'' has caused something of a stir on social media.

Trump sat with the survivors of last week's Florida school shooting and their family members in Washington D.C., Wednesday, and a photo snapped by the media captured a closeup of the sheet of notes he held in his hand.

"What would you most want me to know about your experience?" was the first note on the list, followed by additional points that were obscured by Trump's hand. The last item on the list was, "I hear you."

As it does with most things, social media had some things to say about the apparent peek behind the curtain.

Some of the hot takes bashed the president.

"For his listening session, Trump needed cliff-notes on how to be a human," tweeted House of Cards creator Beau Willimon.

Other tweets questioned what the big deal was.