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Trump appears to have *autographed* photos of murder victims at a bizarre anti-immigration event

Morgan Sung

Is it a glitch in the matrix or is it just another day in the hellscape of this presidency? 

Trump attempted to address the immigration crisis during livestreamed event on Friday. But he didn't discuss the more than 2,000 immigrant children who have been separated from their families in recent weeks or the last-minute executive order he signed to halt on his own policy. Instead he used it to highlight the families of victims killed by immigrants.

The "angel families" are what Trump calls "victims of illegal immigration." They were brought on stage clutching large photos of their loved ones and recounted how they dealt with "permanent separation" after the death of their loved ones.

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As if exploiting grieving family members isn't off-putting enough, Trump appears to have signed the photos of their dead loved ones like some kind of macabre celebrity souvenir. 

Trump signed these photos of murder victims.

Image: screenshot via youtube

Here are a few more shots grabbed from the livestream, where you can clearly see Trump's very recognizable signature. 

Yup, that's a Trump signature.

Image: screenshot via youtube

And look, another Trump signature.

Image: screenshot via youtube

Clear as day: Trump's signature.

Image: screenshot via youtube

Compare the signature on to photos of the dead victims to his signature below:

There truly is no limit to his egotism.

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