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Daniel Howley
Technology Editor
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    "the majority of the headlines a user sees are selected via Google’s algorithms, which are based on your past usage history including via Google Search, YouTube and other properties"

    So, does that mean Trump spends time on negative stories about himself?
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    Literally the Government (Trump) telling a private company (Google), private person what they can or cannot say (Search Results) squarely within the First Amendment. You'd think the President would want to support the First Amendment, not hinder it.
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    GP or Bust
    The only criteria to be included on google news is to be a confirmed news story. So much of what trump wants to see and are available on conservative sites are not confirmed news stories, but conservative opinion pieces. A news outlet has to have credibility and credentials. Many of the newsletters that many conservatives enjoy and think are news and facts have neither credentials nor credibility.
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    Googled, "Trump News". It gave me articles about Trump complaining about Google. Huh pretty spot on.
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    Jan None
    The difference in Florida was just under 120,000 votes. This may seem like an insurmountable number – until the fact that long lines and failures to meet ADA standards required to ensure voters with disabilities can vote alone accounts for over 200,000 suppressed votes is accounted for. Cuts to early voting, funding for early registration drives, additional requirements for voter with prior felony convictions, eliminating polling places, and failing to make voting accessible to voters with disabilities all contributed to the deprivation of voting rights of hundreds of thousands of minority and disabled voters in Florida alone. Trump could not have secured the state’s 29 electoral college votes if the minority and disabled citizens votes had not been so successfully suppressed.
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    This is actually scary. The U.S Government took away Net Neutrality this year....Now Trump is telling America that he wants regulations on what search engines can and cant do. Basically he is telling America that the government is going to take even more control over the internet, or give control to about 8 major corporations that already have control over the nations news print and television.
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    Real conservative
    Trump has an issue with all news that tells the truth about him.
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    He's literally complaining about an algorithm. You could try and explain that to him, but there's no way he would understand it.
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    Any Trump supporters who think this is true, please respond to this comment and state why you think what Trump said is accurate.
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    Jason K
    That's because all the good news about Trump wouldn't fill a postage stamp.