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Trump a ‘Delusional Madman’ Who Will Destroy US Economy: David Stockman

Melanie Kramer
donald trump cowboy hat

David Stockman, US budget director during the Ronald Reagan administration, continues to rake current US President Donald Trump over the coals during a whirlwind press tour designed to promote his new anti-Trump book. In his latest diatribe, Stockman calls the president an “unhinged madman” who is waging not one, not two or three, but four different wars on the US economy.

Donald Trump Will Not Make America Great Again

Speaking to Yahoo’s The Ticker, Stockman lambasts Trump as “delusional,” saying that when you have an “unhinged madman in the Oval Office…anything is possible.”

Just days ago, Stockman, who himself once frequented the White House, warned that investors should flee the stock market as an inevitable collapse and recession is imminent. A combination of economic headwinds and an “unhinged fellow” at the helm means that this time a recession can’t be held at bay by monetary forces.

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