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The Trump doomsayers might turn out to be right

Rick Newman
Senior Columnist
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    I'm sure we can all rely on Rick Newman to provide us with an unbiased article...
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    So what you are saying is, is that Americans will once again start buying American made products because the prices will be more in line and fair. I do not see how that is a bad thing. Sure we may see an adjustment period while American industries reboot to their former capacities, old industries opening back up, and new industries being built here, but after that, we will have more Americans working in better jobs with more money to spend.
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    I am in the steel business here in America.To begin with, have any of you free trade know-it-alls actually been in a local steel mill? Decades of unfair trade deals have left America's mills in total disarray. Equipment is extremely outdated due to exceptionally low profit margins because of foreign steel dumping. Also, the war on coal has left the infrastructure for the supply of coke next to non-existent. That is why so many mills when upgraded, go to electric furnaces, which only process scrap. We, as a nation, could be in serious trouble if the world ever goes back to war, because of diminished capacity. My second point, since the Bill Clinton area, we have been in the era of "free trade" . How many jobs have been lost? We have replaced high paying manufacturing jobs with low paying service industry jobs. Anyone with an unbiased mind understands free trade has not improved the quality of life for the middle class workers who used to be employed in manufacturing. It has drastically hurt the middle class and the wage numbers are reflective of that. We all know the middle class has severely shrunk since free trade. So we know what doesn't work, time to try something else.
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    American companies and the workers they employ deserve to compete on a level playing field. We should always pursue FAIR trade!
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    Thank you Rick Newman for validating the patisan reporting of Yahoo Politics. Rick is the same individual and source that predicted Hilary in 2016 by a landslide.
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    Tom P
    Funny, my 401k went up 14.5% last year in investments (not contributions) soooooooooo.
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    Hi.....I am a liberal....I have been closely following Rick Newman's financial advice for over a year now. I am now broke and homeless.
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    (runs in circles) The sky is falling. The sky is falling.
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    Just two months ago Rick Newman of Verizon/Yahoo said it was probably more Obama's economy than Trumps.
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    You do know that Trump's intent is not to impose such tariffs, right? That what he is trying to do is get the EU and Asia to lower theirs so US manufacturing can compete? I suppose that Newman is simply unfamiliar with how negotiation is done. In Trump's case, it is "Here is what we might do, so you may want to think about lowering your import tariffs before we close our lucrative markets to your goods."