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As Trump embraces more tariffs, U.S. business readies public fight

By Ginger Gibson
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    In the 1950's the highest corporate tax rate was 94%.. Corporations would do ANYTHING not to pay those taxes... Like, RE-INVESTING IN AMERICA, new factories, hire more people, buy new AMERICAN MADE EQUIPMENT. 1960's Kennedy lowered that tax rate to 60%, Nixon to Reagan lowered it more, into the 30% AND opened FREE TRADE, Corporations took middle class manufacturing jobs overseas, destroying the American Middle Class.
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    Trump does not care how any of this affects the tax payers, senior citizens or low income earners. All increases in his company spending is covered by the tax programs as write offs, he hires people under the HB immigrant programs not American workers, his and the family's goods are manufactured in countrys that some how received passes on the tariff increases, so raise those tariffs, "I am the Biggest and Brightest" president in history. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE , NOT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, JUST KEEP AMERICA AND MAKE IT BETTER.
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    With all the extra tax we will pay for Trump’s tariffs, all the pain we will suffer for business closings, the inflation, higher interest rate, for drop in soybean price, for loss of market for beef, pork, lobsters and Alaskan snow crabs, for loss of profit by American companies, the total impact of Trump’s trade war of imposing 250 billion tariffs on China is the loss of estimated 700,000 Chinese jobs (American chamber of commerce). American still HAVE to buy Chinese products because there IS NO ALTERNATIVE. The expected loss of those Chinese export to the US will be filled by other markets such as Europe, emerging markets in South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Those 700,000 Chinese will easily get government funded infrastructure work, paid on an average wage of $10,000/ year (close to the national average wage). That will cost the Chinese government merely $7 billion a year ( a grand total of $14 billion if all $500 billion Chinese goods are tariffed as in Trump’s celebrated threat). Chinese government, not like ours, has MONEY IN THE BANK. How are we going to win the trade war, Mr. Trump?
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    Trump is a reactionary Republican in the mode of Herbert Hoover who signed into law on June 17, 1930, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act which raised tariffs on 20,000 imported goods. Unemployment was at 8 % in 1930 when the tariffs were passed. It jumped to 16% in 1931; and 25% in 32. Franklin D. Roosevelt ran on the Democratic Party's platform in 1932 which advocated lower tariffs. Placing tariffs on imported goods is a "Republican thing." Please vote in 2018.
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    Pass the cost to the consumer, create jobs that STILL don't pay a livable wage. But yeah, thanks for my extra $10 a week in your tax plan (which will be gone by 2025). I'll use it for basic consumer goods that are now more expensive. WINNING!!!
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    Walt Johnson
    They just laid off 57 of the 212 employees at our small furniture plant yesterday. The tariffs have driven the cost of materials up 500%. They're considering another round of layoffs in a few weeks and it's not just our shop. Every manufacturing business in our industrial park is laying off workers. 4th quarter unemployment will jump at least 3% no doubt about it.
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    A couple days ago Kevin Hassett was featured at the White House briefing, discussing the economy. he told us how great it was that there is a 3% increase in dollars spent (gross sales). What he failed to mention is the 2.9% current inflation rate. We didn''t SELL MORE, we PAID MORE for the same amount. a few weeks ago Trump was touting his biggest military pay increase in years. While that is true, it was a 2.4% COLA, to offset the rate of inflation. (thats pretty standard)
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    B A
    Trickle down DOES WORK. If you mean the rich increasing the cost of goods and trickling down those increased prices down to the middle class.
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    John Meyers
    People elected a reality TV star who had filed for bankruptcy 4 times... what brilliant economic plan did they expect to come out of Trump?
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    Has anyone in this administration ever read a history book or an economics book?