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Trump imitates Drudge with new election website

Oliver Darcy

Donald Trump's campaign rolled out a new election website on Monday which bore a strong resemblance to the Drudge Report, a decades-old online hub for conservative news.

The website, clintonkaine.com, imitated Drudge’s bare-bones design, only featuring text and images.

Here's a side-by-side comparison:

drudge comparison

(Screen grabs)
Above the fold on its debut day was a banner story linking to an article about Hillary Clinton’s comments on supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Below the banner was a series of links mixed with photos featuring pro-Trump headlines the campaign was highlighting.

“Pence Trumps Kaine On The Economy,” read one headline.

“Where Does Kaine Stand On Abortion When He Accepts Their Campaign Cash?” asked another.

At the very bottom of the page was a disclaimer noting the website was funded by Trump's campaign. 

An RNC official said the website was designed "in an easy to digest manner akin to Matt Drudge's website."

"ClintonKaine.com is the place to learn about Secretary Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine’s failed records from their decades in politics. Upon launch, ClintonKaine.com is heavily focused on Kaine’s disastrous tenure in Virginia politics to coincide with the upcoming vice presidential debate," the official said.

Trump has been an outspoken fan of the Drudge Report, often citing the website's online polls favorable to him at rallies and calling its founder, Matt Drudge, a "great guy."

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