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Trump news – live: President's claim dismissed by British PM, amid ridicule over bizarre letter to Erdogan and 'meltdown' in Pelosi meeting

Joe Sommerlad
House speaker Nancy Pelosi confronting President Trump at the White House: Donald Trump/Twitter

Donald Trump’s claim he was asked by British prime minister Boris Johnson to set up a White House meeting between the grieving parents of Harry Dunn and the wife of a US diplomat blamed for his death has been rubbished by Downing Street.

The US president was already facing ridicule following the release of a bizarre letter he had written to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan imploring him not to attack the Kurdish fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which appears to have been thrown away and ignored by the recipient.

The mockery follows an explosive day in which Mr Trump said the crisis in Syria was “not our problem” and that the Kurds were “no angels” before falling out with senior Democrats when they urged him to halt the withdrawal of US troops from the region, the president branding House speaker Nancy Pelosi “a third-rate politician” before trolling her on Twitter, a move that backfired when Ms Pelosi adopted his picture of their confrontation for her own profile page.

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