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Trump news - live: President vetoes bill aiming to end US support for Yemen war as he attacks Fox News over Bernie Sanders

Chris Stevenson, Clark Mindock, Ben Kelly
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Majority of Americans not seeing economic benefits under Trump, survey says

Donald Trump has used the second veto of his presidency to block a bipartisan bill from Congress which would have ended US support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, and has doubled down on his demands for tougher securtiy at the US-Mexico border.

The president's comments on immigration came in a tweet, and follows after attorney general William Barr announced new US policy that asylum seekers who cross illegally between ports of entry would no longer have the right to ask a judge to grant them bond for release. Under the new Justice Department policy, those migrants will have to wait in detention until their case can adjudicated — a process that can take a considerable amount of time given America's backlogged immigration courts.

Mr Trump has also turned on Fox News after the right-wing news channel hosted a town hall debate with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Trump tweeted that the event had been "stuffed with Bernie supporters," adding: "What's with @FoxNews?"

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