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Trump rages about his Justice Department before sending 9/11 message

Jacob Pramuk
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    First of all, the Justice Department is not Trump's Justice Department. It is the America people's Justice Department. It is not Trump's personal legal team.
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    Will someone please ground Trump from using his Twitter account? Even on 9/11 he manages to make the day about himself. He couldn't have written the speech at the memorial in Pennsylvania. It made too much sense and it wasn't about him.
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    As The World Burns
    "Happy 9-11, everybody! Best wishes!!" - Donald J Trump 9/11/2018
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    Critics ? I thought Trump said they both are our favorites. Guess not.
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    Blue wave in 2018 and 2020. Pack the courts and reform the appointment process in 2021.
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    Showing his true personality, even on a day of remembrance, it's about him 1st. Sad when he can't even lead for a day.
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    Gary T
    "True Warrior?" Not like himself, the draft dodger. "True Warrior?" Not like John McCain who fought for his country. No a "True Warrior" in Trump's mind is an acolyte or a flunkie who serves to feed his ego. The "boy" we are stuck with as president spends way too much time feeding his own ego. Comment at fedwithdonaldtrump.com.
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    Trump is missing the empathy gene....but got an overdose of the "ME, ME" gene. It is sad at such a sober and reflective time for us that our President is clueless and campaigning.
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    Whatever went on at the ceremony commemorating the 9/11 victims, the one good thing was The President's speech writer! This was about the best speech I've ever heard him make since in office! It's a good thing he wasn't "off the cuff"!
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    Remember in November!