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Trump says US will tax China until a trade deal is reached

Henry Fernandez

President Trump said on Thursday the U.S. will continue to tax China until the world’s two largest economies reach a trade agreement.

“When my people came home they said we were talking. We have another meeting in September. Until such time as there is a deal we will be taxing them,” he said from the White House’s south lawn.

The Trump administration announced a new round of 10 percent tariffs on another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods. The move comes after U.S. trade representatives returned home from meeting with the Chinese delegation in Shanghai.

Trump said China for far too long has been taking hundreds of billions from the U.S. and it is time for America to look out for its best interest.

“We have rebuilt China, so now it’s time that we change the ground,” he said. “If they don’t want to trade with us anymore that would be fine with me. It would save a lot of money.”

The president said he is confident Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to make a trade deal but questions China’s slow-walking trade talks and failed promises.

“He said he was going to be buying from our farmers. He didn’t do that. He said he was going to stop fentanyl from coming into our country. It’s all coming out of China,” Trump said. “We are losing thousands of people from fentanyl.


Trump also reiterated that China and not the U.S. will be paying for the tariffs imposed on Beijing.

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