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'What is Trump's Game Plan for Libya?' asks Omar Turbi, Expert, U.S-Libya Relations

Turkish troops heading for Tripoli, Russian solders already fighting with Haftar & American arms on their way to Benghazi; a disaster for Libya and the region

WASHINGTON, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- How is it possible, Libya, sitting on the eighth largest oil reserves in the world, has become a failed state? Lobbying the Obama administration in 2011 to take part in NATO operations to dislodge the Qaddafi dictatorship gave us hope for democracy in Libya. Obama views the situation in Libya as "a colossal failure." Libya has become a fertile ground for Islamic extremists, and failed experiments by political Islamists.

UN sponsored Gov. of National Accord (GNA) failed in disarming militias and removing more than 20 million pieces of arms. Gen. Khalifa Haftar, Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) contemplates a ceasefire and the outcome of the upcoming Berlin Conference on 1-19-2020 continues a military campaign to capture Tripoli. Haftar is more cautious about civilian casualties. Much of historical Benghazi was leveled to the ground from airstrikes in pursuit of Islamic extremists in 2014.

The Trump Game Plan for Libya is not coherent. It appears to be a clandestine foreign policy. Reliable sources confirm a planned shipment of American weapons valued at close to one billion dollars is destined for Benghazi in the next sixty days. A high level White House delegation met Gen. Haftar in Amman Jordan Nov. 24th. Discussions purported to propose suspension of hostilities, and a political resolution. It is a clear contradiction and violates UN arms embargo. Fueling a war which will create instability in Libya and the region. 48 hours later, Mr. Turbi met with U.S officials in Tunis. An obvious inconsistency to pending arms shipment, U.S officials expressed concerns over increased civilian casualties, and Russian solders in LNA ranks. In a recent visit to eastern Libya, Mr. Turbi benefited from meetings with top gov. officials: President of HoR Aguila Saleh, PM, Al-Thani, Foreign Minister Abdulhadi Lehaweej, Sr. members of the army on matters ranging from war in Tripoli, plans for governing, restoring stability to institutional building.

Mr. Turbi says, "In order for a Trump Game Plan to succeed, the U.S must take the lead at the UN and IMMEDIATELY recognize a proposed new Libyan government. Its proposed Prime Minister Dr. Aref Al-Nayed met White House officials in Washington, Nov. 23rd. He is a very widely accepted political figure. Trump must reconsider any pending arms shipment to Benghazi and replace it with sophisticated border surveillance gear, a strategy that helps decrease the flow of terrorists, illegal arms and reduce a large wave of African migrants heading for Europe."

"We have a lot of catching up to do, Libya needs stability and substantial help building its democratic institutions," Mr. Turbi added.

A Omar Turbi, Expert, U.S Libya Relations. Testifies before Congress on U.S Libya Foreign Policy. Considered by many as the foremost authority on Libya and its relations with USA. For more information, please visit http://www.OmarTurbi.org


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SOURCE A. Omar Turbi