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Trump's national anthem fail gets the 'Bad Lip Reading' treatment

President Donald Trump sings the national anthem before the NCAA college football playoff championship game, and he definitely totally knows the words. (AP Photo)

Of all the highlights from Monday’s national title game, there’s one that’s still getting people’s attention. And it’s not any of the crazy interceptions or devastating catches. It was President Donald Trump’s appearance on the field during the national anthem, a moment that didn’t have even a single second of football in it.

Trump’s rendition of our national song is still drawing so much interest because it appeared that he didn’t know (or had forgotten) the words. It was a baffling moment, because he did mouth some of the words, but they didn’t really look… right.

Thankfully, our friends at Bad Lip Reading are here to save the day. They gave Trump’s national anthem the good old college try and came up with a set of lyrics that it looks like he was singing.

Trump chose to keep his mouth closed during large swaths of the song, so there are some amusing  mmmmm’s and buhhh’s in there. But there are also some total gems. When the song came to “bombs bursting in air,” their translation was “the baby bird chicken hatched.” The line “Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there” turned into “beautiful Tanya, your little feet were so thin.”

The crowning glory of this bad lip reading session was when Trump got to “O say does that star spangled banner yet wave.” Their translation? “Oh Donna’s a sugar packet banana whiff.”

Trump wasn’t mic’d so we have no idea what words he was singing. But he definitely possibly could have been singing those words. And isn’t it more fun to imagine that he was?

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