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Trunited.com Pushes Toward 2018 with Purpose, Offers ''Commerce for the Opportunity Class''

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / January 9, 2018 / The Socialized Commerce platform Trunited.com finished up its first year with its strongest message yet: ''We will not sacrifice our mission for money.''

That mission, according to Trunited Founder and Visionary Dr. Nicolas Porter, is to create ''Commerce for the Opportunity Class'' by paying out as much as possible to Trunited's loyal and expanding customer and marketer base while providing fairness and security for all participants through its unique algorithm.

''Trunited pays you for leads and performance - in perpetuity - a concept that is unmatched in the world of commerce and referral marketing,'' Dr. Porter adds.

Trunited connects hundreds of popular brands and the buying public through a system called Socialized Commerce. Those who buy products via the platform are given ''profit points'' for each purchase and additional points when they are able to create traffic for participating brands. Each month, those customers (which Trunited dubs ''pointholders'') receive money back from Trunited based on the number of points they accrue and the overall ''Point Value'' that month.

''We're in the business of protecting our point value above everything,'' Dr. Porter explained to the marketing leadership of Trunited at its end-of-year holiday bash, held at Porter's estate in Phoenix, Arizona.

''The Trunited algorithm is going to be constantly tested by consumers and marketers who want to cut corners to success,'' Porter explained. ''And just like Google, we are going to have to work to adapt to these instances and provide updates on occasion so that we can protect the value that our platform adds to the end user.''

The company saw a Point Value throughout 2017 that exceeded competition and provided steady growth but did experience the occasional setback. In response, the burgeoning commerce company has put a renewed focus on upgrades, enhancements, and updates to their algorithm in order to safeguard the point value and provide the best opportunity possible for their collective pointholders.

''There is a grand education to be learned through growing pains,'' Dr. Porter exclaimed at the End-of-Year Trunited Party. ''We are very excited about the updates to the algorithm that will take place in late quarter one. We feel like the protective measures we are taking for the end user will double the point value and provide a more level playing field for someone to earn back money from their purchases and/or join our expansive and robust marketing team, participate in the Marketer's Match and earn much more.''

''What I can promise you above all else is this...'' he added, before offering a toast to the party attendants, ''Our mission is not about money. It's about value. And we will protect the value we offer.

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